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2 Level 1

"Guild System has been fully activated." Raymond was surprised to see the floating box in front of him. It was at that moment, information came flooding into Raymond's mind. The information given to him was on how to open up his status screen. It was simple enough all he needed to do was think of opening up his status screen like he was clicking on it in his mind.

A holographic screen appeared before him.


Name: Raymond

Race: Human

Class: Guild Master

Level: 1

HP: 72/72 MP: 1/1

STR: 8

AGI: 5

DEX: 5

INT: 4

WIS: 4

VIT: 6

Luck: 3


Active: None

Passive: Charm (max), Guild Master's aura (max), I am the Guild Master (max)

Guild House: Guild (Lvl 1)

Guild members: 0/5

NPC: 0/2

EXP: 0/100]

'There seem to be other options in this UI type thing, but I can't access them yet. Though I wonder what this charm thing does. I think I can press it'

Raymond started to press on the holographic screen and tapped on the charm, Guild Master's aura and I am the Guild Master skills, which then showed a description.

'Charm: As a Guild Master, one must have the appropriate charm to lead and guide. (Skill increases the affinity with others. Makes people unconsciously have a good impression of you.)'

'Guild Master's Aura: The Guild Master is a reassuring figure to his teammates. (Increases the stats of guild members within a twenty-meter radius.)

'I am the Guild Master: As the leader of the guild, the Guild Master must be the most powerful member. (Increases stats depending on how many players join the Guild. Stat boosts +5 from each player that joins. MAX cap Twenty Members.)


Raymond was so excited about the situation, that he was given a system. The only thing he was sad about were his parents. 'Maybe losing an awful son like me was for the better.' Raymond decided not to dwell too much on the subject. He first needed to see how he was going to survive in this new world. The stats on his screen weren't remarkable he wasn't even given skills to protect himself. All he had was a charm skill which wasn't that useful if something attacks him. The other skills don't even work if he didn't have any guild members.

He was going to check more on the status screen, but then a voice sounded in his mind.

"Player open your task interface and do your missions." The voice that spoke was rather robotic and reminded him of Siri.

"Are you my system?"

"Please open up your task interface and do your mission."

"Hey, how do I level up? How do I get guild members and NPCs?"

"Please open up your task interface and do your mission."

"Are you a defective system? You keep on saying the same thing. Can I switch to a better system?"

"Host, please stop slandering me. I'm an honest and great system, the host just needs to open up the task interface."

"SO, you can respond normally. Then why weren't you answering my questions."

"The host doesn't have a high enough level for me to answer."

"What, I literally asked you how to level up."

"Then I told the host how to level up by opening the task interface, and completing the mission."

"Fine then, I'll just do the mission."

Raymond finally opened up the task interface. The task interface opened up in his mind.

[New player task: Check the inside of the level 1 Guild house]

[Task reward: A set of beginner equipment.]


Reading the task given to him Raymond finally remembered that he was only wearing underwear. He then proceeded to look around and saw a cottage-like structure and beside it was a lake.

"Hey system, is that the guild house?"


Raymond approached the cottage surrounded by tall trees. It was a simple-looking building made out of wood. Raymond entered the building and to his surprise, the inside looks slightly bigger than the outside.

Upon entering the first thing you would see was a front desk, like what you would see in a hotel. Behind the front desk was a hallway with eight doors. Raymond opened the first door near the front desk.

The inside was of a simple room with one window, a single bed, a chair, and a table. Raymond wanted to check the other rooms but most of them were locked.

"These are the rooms for Guild Members, will be unlocked once you appoint others as guild members."

"Guild Members, how do I appoint one?"

"You need to go out and meet the people living in this world. Once the host finds someone he wants to be a guild member, he needs to let them sign this agreement."

A scroll then appeared before Raymond, but as he was about to grab it the scroll disappeared.

"Aren't you going to let me read it?"

"The host doesn't need to read the scroll, it's basically just something that asks the Guild Members to stay loyal to the guild."

"What happens if they're not loyal?"

"The punishment for disloyalty is death."

"Alright then... How about telling me about this world?"

"The host needs to explore and find out for himself. For now, the host just needs to finish the task given to him."

"Fine, fine, I'm finishing it." Raymond continued opening the remaining doors. One of them was a kitchen and the other was a storage area with some closets that had nothing in them.

'Ding' The Task interface popped open.

[New Player task: Check the inside of the Guild House (Completed)]

[Do you want to receive your reward now? Y/N]

Raymond without hesitation clicked on Y. A blinding light blinded him and before he knew it, he wasn't naked anymore and was wearing something. It was the basic leather armor that one could usually find a beginner wearing at the start of an MMORPG, underneath the armor were some normal clothes. In Raymond's right hand was a short sword, he recognized it to be a gladius. He also had a short bow and some arrows.

As Raymond was appreciating the new equipment he got, he received another task.

[New Task: Hunt for food]

[Task Description: As a Guild Master you must provide for your guild. As you are currently the only one in your guild, you need to provide yourself with food.]

[Task Reward: GACHA function will be unlocked, one free GACHA roll.]