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A twenty-two-year-old man by the name of Raymond Lee was sitting in front of his laptop and playing an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) called Eaion. He wasn't really bad nor was he that good at playing the game. In the gaming world, he was just slightly above average in skill. He once thought that he could become a pro-gamer, but his skills turned out to be pretty average.

It was back in high-school when his dream was formed. Back then he was a promising martial artist, he was fit, and was a rather studious student. Yet after a pretty bad fall, his body became unable to perform as well as before.

He could no longer win any tournaments, he couldn't even train as hard as before. He was still rather fit as a person, but that wasn't enough for him. As he tried harder than before, he just ruined his body even more. After being unable to continue doing the thing he used to love, he was unable to focus on his school work and was going under great depression.

Raymond's parents tried their best to help their son but it was to no avail. As his depression and his anxiety were reaching their peak, he started thinking about killing himself.

It was at that darkest moment in his life when one of his friends introduced him to the world of online gaming, manga, light novels, web novels, and anime. It was a world that was so new to him. It was like a book that came to life. In these vastly different worlds, there were many interesting things. In there, his character could do almost anything.

The thing he liked the most was the online games. In that world, he can once again be a powerful individual. He found it fun to play, and it was something even he could do in his current state. Though Raymond never recovered from his past injuries, and he never became the same again, but he was happy.

A few years later, Raymond who once had an athletic body was now a rather chubby individual. Though he wasn't too fat, he was still quite fat. Since he stopped exercising and focused all of his free time playing video games, he became a rather unhealthy individual.


At the moment Raymond was playing another MMORPG, and he has been playing for a few days straight. He hasn't been sleeping a whole lot not wanting to miss the events were he can gain event items.

Once the event was over, he could finally move from his chair. He wanted to get some water, but as he stood up he felt rather dizzy. His head felt like it was being hammered upon. He then tripped and fell face-first on the floor.

It seems like he hit something as his head started hurting even more. He could no longer move, and in the corner of his eye, he could see something reddish... Raymond then came to a realization. The thing that he was looking at, that was his blood!

Raymond got scared as he felt his body getting colder and colder. His vision slowly turning darker and darker.

'I don't want to die! I don't want to die! Not like this! I just got enough money to roll for an SSR GACHA!' Those were Raymond's last thoughts before his mind blacked out.


Raymond who felt like he was asleep for a very long time, could feel a warm feeling enveloped his body. He could then finally open his eyes, and once he did the first thing he saw was green. He was under a rather tall tree.

He then tried to get up, as he did he felt his body was lighter than before. In fact, the feeling he got was as if he returned to the time before he was injured. Raymond then looked down and saw aside from his shorts he wasn't wearing anything. But that wasn't the most surprising part, the most surprising part was his belly fat disappeared. What replaced it was a six-pack, his abs were back. As Raymond continued to be confused, a floating text box suddenly appeared before him.

"System has successfully loaded."