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6 Operation Collaberation

When they standed straight the king realized that there is another kingdom that attacked the water kingdom. The king sent a spy to see and report where they live. So the spy was doing his job properly on the "kingdom" that they are talking about. The spy noticed that it was getting cold as he continiued to the cold. He realized the people that is living in the big area of ice.

He was having a hunch that it was a different user of power. As he got closer and closer, he sees the people trying to master the element of ice. So he went back as soon as possible and report their behavior, their element and their location.

As he continuously went to his camp. He saw a mysterious dragon that is sleeping on a huge icy lair.

He took a quick snap in a certain angle where the dragon would not get disturbed by the light, and returned back.

What is the report spy. My lord there is a dragon which they are ice element controllers and the "kingdom" was full of ice benders and they are difficult to see because there was a signal of a snow storm. They were actually attacking the Water kingdom before us. So, they did this before us.... The king replied with red burning eyes. STOP THE INVASION!!!, we got some allies already. It is time to spare their lives cause we'll help them, then we will master their element, we will conquer the remaining elemental kingdoms of the continent together but in the

end we will dominate the whole world. Are you sure my lord. Yes... Only us.

As the spy went to the people on Viviane, he told one villager in front to bring this paper that holds a message which was a peace treaty. As the villager went to Albert. The villager followed what the spy had said. Albert sent a message all about the treaty and the king replied to accept it but with your signature. yes My lord. He suddenly replied after he read the message. And In a sudden, the report was so fast that it was broadcasted when the Water kingdom accepted it. After the Fire kingdom made a route and a trade route to the Water kingdom and rebuilt their lost cities and joined forces. After 1 minuite. The message has been sent back by the brave Water solidier.

Please we surrender. And we would share our knowledge with you, just please, We surrender.

Okay, okay we know that you surrender. The only thing is what is your name "Brave solidier". .....Abravo fine sir. So your name is Abravo. Yes sir. It's nice to meet you.