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5 The Fire Army

Not more than an hour later, a message was sent to the princess through a water jet, an apprentice level magic.

The princess gasped in horror as she learned the contents of the message.

"We've just lost the capital from those Ice bastards..... I guess when it rains it really pours." She made a sigh as she thought of what she would do now that she's the only remaining heir to the throne.

Breaking the silence, a soft knock was heard, "Excuse princess, it's me Albert." After saying so he then opened the door.

Seeing the princes in deep thought he asked her the reason why. "Albert...I-I think that I-" She cut her sentence midway before shaking her head.

After having her composure back, she carefully explained the army of soldier whose origin was unknown that were marching towards their direction.

Albert knowing the fact that they were in imminent danger calmly asked the princess of what course of action she'd take. He told her, "Princess, I will always stay by your side. No matter what decision you make, I'll follow you."

Meanwhile, the Fire army who numbered eight hundred began to make their way towards the Water Kingdom with the Fire king in the lead.

The sheer number of the Fire army could crush the currently weakened Water Kingdom, but the quality of those in the Fire army could not be compared with the ones in the Water Kingdom. They were a cut above the rest. These elites were after all students the greatest Fire Master in the history of Fire Kingdom. It would be a shame if they would not be better than others.

The Fire army had not only the quantity, but the quality. And they would ruthlessly trample anyone who stands in their way leaving only ashes at their wake.

With in an hour, the Fire army could see the silhouette of the last remaining city and at the same time the current capital of the Water kingdom. Viviane, a wonderful city surrounded by a lake.

At the same time the citizens of Viviane could see the incoming threat of the Fire army. Some panicked in fear, some prayed to the gods, while some braced themselves by raising their weapons to fight. They all did different things, but they all have one similarity. None of them run. They are all tired of running.

They wouldn't run because they no longer had a place to run to. This place was their last sanctuary. No other place could they rest upon and call home other than here.

Eventually the Fire army had reached their destination. Each and everyone of them stood tall and strong. None of them showing any signs of fatigue in their faces.