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7 Who are you?


"Please, I know you very well. You're supposed to be dead a long time ago. Do you know why you're still alive?" The man in the mirror told her straightforwardly. Evelina coughed loudly, she couldn't digest the coffee properly because of the sudden information that was still processing in her mind; she wasn't able to take pleasure in her favorite black coffee.

"What do you know? Tell me more about it," Evelina said with interest to the topic. She then wiped her mouth with the table napkin.

The man in the mirror replied, "Well..I can tell you,,, but first, take me to a place that no people could hear our conversation. I would recommend you to take me to your residence,"

"Alright then," She uttered a reply. She instantly called the chauffeur to pick her up. Soon after, they headed to her residence. She hurriedly greeted the maids, the butlers and her family.

"Good afternoon, Mother, Father!!" Evelina greeted her parents with a big beam on her face.

"What made you so delighted, my dear Evelina?" Mrs. Stepanov curiously asked.

"There's a beautiful mirror I bought in town!" She replied in an exclaim.

"Oh really? Can we see the mirror you—?

She said as she interrupted, "Mother, I have to go to my bedroom… I think my bladder couldn't take it anymore," She didn't let her mother finish her sentence. She immediately fled to her room. She first took a bath and then, walked into her closet to change into her home clothes. She wore a Madreperla Georgette silk nightgown and robe. She sat on the edge of her bed and got the mirror from the bed side table.

"Hello? What was that you're supposed to tell me earlier?" She asked

"A pleasant day!! Oh, by the way, I can't reveal my real name but, you can just call me Alexi. Hmm…. Let me see, your name is Evelina Stepanov, you're 20 years old and you are participating in the Women's Free Skating competition in the Winter Olympics. You're too tall and you've become a burden to the team's performance. I suggest, you should not participate because there are other great opportunities rather than figure skating. There is someone waiting you out there and he is…. your future husband. Hehehe.." Alexi said in excitement.

She asked, "Wait, aren't we supposed to talk about... my existence?"

"Of course, dearie!!HAHAHAHA!!!" Soon after, Alexi cleared his throat then he added, "Once, there was a couple who was desperate for a child. The woman couldn't produce an offspring. They had done numerous rituals and approached several doctors but, there was still no result. The kingdom was in complete pandemonium. The man was pressured by his family to produce an heir. One day, the woman became pregnant. The whole kingdom was joyous and couldn't wait for the baby to be born. On the day of her birth, some evil sorcerer kidnapped the child. The kingdom was in full force, searching for the child. She was not found, it was hopeless. Suddenly, a good sorcerer offered them a helping hand. She used her magic wand to find the child. Fortunately, she found the child. On the other hand, the child was dying. The good sorcerer cured the child. The couple thanked her so much and asked what she wanted in return. She asked to put a spell on the child. 'The child will grow up to defeat the curse and save the world,' The couple had no choice but to accept the good sorcerer's stipulation. Three years later, the woman gave birth again. She gave birth to twin boys. The evil sorcerer was there again! Good thing was that the good sorcerer was able to stop the evil sorcerer! The couple was given another stipulation—to let their daughter marry someone from Kingdom of Diamond, which was in another dimension. The purpose of the marriage was to unite and strengthen the world. THE END!! Now, are you satisfied?"

The room was in deep silence,

"So….. Are you saying….I'm that child?" She stammered as she asked. She couldn't believe it; she couldn't process that too much of information. She had to break the curse in order for her to live and for the betterment of the people. Furthermore, she had to marry a man from the Kingdom of Diamond and what was worse, from another dimension! 'Does it have to be a real marriage? I would rather die than marry an alien from another dimension!' "So…Do you know who is my future husband?" She was curious to know this 'insignificant' person.

"Yes, dearie. I know him very well and you might be hurt because he's tooooo perfect for you," Alexi sneered. He wanted a surprise for her and couldn't unveil further details regarding the man.

Her eyes turned cold instantly; it was like calling for thunderstorms. If eyes could kill, he would have been long dead by now.

Alexi replied, "Hahahaha!! I'm just joking you know. Don't take it seriously, Evelina," He tried to lighten up the atmosphere.

"So…Is he a human like me?" without more ado, she asked. She couldn't wait for his answer.

Alexi joyously replied, "Of course he is, dearie. He is a human being like you!" then he added, "If you are curios of how many kingdoms are there in the other dimension, then I suppose I should tell you right away. There are seven kingdoms in that dimension: Diamond, Emerald, Clover, Hyacinth, Azura, Heart, and Spade. Your knight in shining armor lives in Diamond so... YOU JUST HIT THE JACKPOT!!"

"Then…. could you tell me when do I start this journey of so called 'saving the world'?" she asked. It was obvious that it still didn't programmed in her mind. Afterall, she was only an innocent and immature young lady.

"Next week…. Right now, I have to tell you something….you must not participate in the Olympics…this matter is way more important. You still have to attend your practices but, keep in mind that you're not joining the competition. If people are asking, you just have to pretend that you're having an injury or not feeling well."

The lightbulb of her brain was lightened. "I have a good idea!" She exclaimed. She discussed with Alexi her plan of salvaging the world. The room was filled with ideas and conversations of what would happen in the future.

~End of Flashback~