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2 Chapter 2

There are only Silence inside that you can hear if a piece of pin dropped, no one dared to make any sound, the people inside the room are scared, some are trembling and there is only one reason why, it's because of the person in-front who is looking down at them like they are pest, he who is comfortably seating, leaning on the golden chair, he then closed his eyes but everyone can feel the coldness in the air, he is upset, that is for sure.

They were startled when they heard a sudden sound of the door opening.

The ministers, all the officials or be it eunuch or guards inside, looked behind to see who dared to interrupt the meeting with the king and then they were surprised to see a man clad in a golden armour, with the golden warriors behind following, the whole room was filled with golden light reflecting from their armour, the scene in front is like heavenly, the man leading is well very known to them, with his looks that like came out from a painting, a man who was entitled as the 'Empire's Saviour' or 'The Prodigal Son' A man that is very intimidating and also feared but at the same time admired like his father, this is the crown prince of the Luo Kingdom, Crown Prince Hei Si Luo.

The man walk without stop in the centre and knelt in front of his father the King.

"Father, your son has arrived"

He said coldly with his head down, the king slowly opened his eyes and look down at his son kneeling in front.

"State your concern" he said with a serious tone without any remarks or greetings

"The 3rd prince of the Sun Kingdom Juning Li came as an envoy and would like to ask for an audience" crown prince Hei Si Luo directly answered

The king looked at his son boredly.

"Send him in" he ordered with his hand waving in the air as a sign, the guard not far from the king bowed and obeyed while the prince stood and walked at the side

When the door opened, A man in dark brown formal suit came in slowly, he walked very sturdy showing his courage and toughness,he is very charming also that every woman would want, when he was in front, he knelt to show respect to the king

"Please accept my greetings, your majesty"

He greeted

"What does the third prince of sun kingdom wants? Coming here from a very far place" the king asked directly, Juning Li looked up to the king without wavering and said

"I apologise beforehand if ever i may find offending your majesty, however i don't want to beat around the bush as i know that your time is very precious my king, The reason I came travelling for 20 days in the vast dessert is because i wanted to ask for the hand in marriage of one of your daughter, your highness"

When the people inside heard the words of the third prince, their sweat dropped 'Stop it you idiotic prince, do you know whom your talking with?! Please don't dragged us down with you' they have in their minds

"Hahahaha" A sudden laughter was heard echoing in the whole room

Everyone was surprised to hear someone laughing in this kind of situation, who would dare?!

"Nei get down" they suddenly heard the king said

And then from the roof, the man in black came down to the side of the kings chair

"Hi father" he casually said

"As a second prince show your respect Nei" They heard the crown prince said in a serious tone, he establish just in one sentence that he has more authority by saying 'Second Prince'

Instead Nei Si Luo being scared, he stick his tongue out like a child and turn to his father

"Father I just wanna watch without disturbing however i find what this prince said funny that i can't contain my laughter" Prince Nei Si Luo said.

The king suddenly smiled that surprised them all

"What is funny son?" He asked him, Nei Si also smiled while the crown prince is frowning, there they go again, he wanted for this to finish immediately but with the second prince interrupting, he just sighted and listened

"Father, my sisters are very annoying, I was thinking a way to get rid of them, then this prince gave me an idea! Why don't we marry them off, it will also be a advantage for our kingdom" he said while smiling like he was just asking to sell a candy

They trembled, this prince truly lives up to his name, 'Smiling Devil', how can he suggest to sell his sisters?!

The third prince of the sun kingdom Juning Li standing in the centre had goosebumps as he watch the father and son converse, he's gut telling him to run away, he's having a bad feeling especially with the smile of the second prince, there is something with it but what Nei Si Luo said is contradicting to what he feels, he's suggesting to let me marry a princess which is to his advantage, he stood his ground, he cannot let this opportunity pass, he can't let his effort go to waste no matter what, he has to marry the princess of the Luo Kingdom and only be then he'll have the chance to take over the throne.

"Son you should not say that, after all they are still my daughters and your sisters, we do not sell them" the king said but the smile on the second prince face did not waver

"Third prince Of the sun kingdom Juning Li" the king called and Juning Li stood still and looked at the king

"Yes your highness." He answered nervously

"I can see your courage and ambition reflected from your eyes, so i will grant you the gift to choose at one of my daughters whom you want to marry?" The king ask without any emotion or concern

The people hearing this conversation trembled

He just said earlier that he won't sell his daughter but his giving them as a gift?!

The third prince looked at the king with wonder

That's it? He just needed to choose like that?

He glances at the crown prince on the side and he saw how bored he looked right now, he kept yawning time to time then he switches his eyes to the second prince and right now he is smirking

"My father it seems like the third prince is having a hard time choosing" the second prince said

"No no no no! I'll choose now" he said hurriedly and his mind is in chaos, once he choose a princess from the Luo kingdom as the main wife, his ranking will step up further and so then he will have the chance to get the throne and beat his brothers, so he didn't think further and answered

"Your majesty, I've been longing to have a wife that i can treasure and love, like your majesty, that's why I want to marry your most beloved daughter, princess Xia Mei Luo" he said, hoping that the king will be moved and find a true love like him but bleh! He never believes in love, this is only some flattery word so that he can get what he wants

But for an unknown reason the temperature inside the room suddenly dropped and as soon as his words came out, the people inside is very scared that they want to run for their lives, they can't believe how stupid the prince of the sun kingdom is

They saw how the crown prince expression change, not just him but the two man in front, even though the second prince is smiling, you cant miss the sharpness of his eyes looking down at the Juning Li, and right now, you cannot see any emotions at the king's face.

"Father he dared say he wants Xia?" Nei Si luo said

"Little boy, choose anyone out of my daughters except my youngest" he said coldly

"Your majesty if you may, I can help" the left prime minister asked for permission and the king nod

"Prince Juning Li, seems like you having a hard time choosing, if you want i can give some suggestion, our first princess is very well known because of her talent in dancing, even our second princess is very well versed in poetry, if you want i can tell more" he said

"Thank you Official however, I still want the most beloved daughter of the king, your highness" then he knelt

"please give us your blessing" he begged but the temperature dropped down more

"Father, this is a idiotic and stubborn prince, should i kill him?" the second prince said that surprised him

To Be Continued