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CH 163

Chapter 163

Gu Hao waits for a good while but he doesn’t get any reaction from Ah Zhao .

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He couldn’t help opening his eyes when he sees that Ah Zhao has already put her hood over her face who is looking at him in a strange way .

I haven't been thrown away by Senior one!

Gu Hao thinks to himself .

It turns out true that Senior one could accept being offended by good-looking people .

He has never been so grateful for his good-looking face than he does now .

Since he has “offended” her with a kiss, it won’t be a big deal if he goes further .

Summoning his courage, he says: “Senior Zhao, I have feelings for you!”

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After he has said that, he feels firmer than ever . He thinks that he has found an answer to everything that went wrong in the past - not willing to bring up his engagement in front of Senior Zhao, getting angry when Feng Lin Lang insulted Senior Zhao, and being so happy when Senior Zhao defended him .

Having said that, he has a feeling that even if he is thrown away by Senior Zhao a second later, he won’t regret what he did .

Ah Zhao looks at the male lead, a little divided .

She has always presented herself as a master and most of the time she regards Gu Hao as a kid .

However, now this kid says he likes her?

More importantly, he is such a good-looking kid .

What should she do if she refuses him and hurts him?

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It's a sin to hurt such a beauty .

Ah Zhao is expressionless when all kinds of thoughts fill her mind .

She tells cotton candy about how she feels .

Cotton candy: “ . . . ”

It thinks before saying: “If so, you shall refuse him . Then his heart will be broken . Things between you guys will turn awkward before he chooses to leave you and explore the world by himself . Then he’ll meet a girl who loves him and he opens his heart to her . Eventually they’ll become a pair of inseparable happy couple . . . ”

Before the system finishes, Ah Zhao interrupts it: “Impossible!”

She says angrily: “How can I let someone else take a beauty that I’ve worked on for so many years?”

The system continues: “Then you can take him yourself, host . ”

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Ah Zhao: “ . . . ”

That sounds a bit strange .

But it makes sense!

All of a sudden, Ah Zhao turns to Gu Hao with all seriousness, as if she is in consideration .

Gu Hao’s heart flutters because of her gaze . He wonders what Senior Zhao has on her mind .

What is she doing?

She is examining the male lead’s looks then she draws a conclusion that she would gain a lot and have nothing to lose by accepting such a beautiful man!

Meanwhile she makes up her mind . Her lips curve in a smile which outshines everything else .

Gu Hao only feels everything else in front of him dims and a warm softness touches him on the lip when a cold female voice rises:

“Fool, yours wasn’t a proper kiss . ”

Gu Hao: “!”

It takes him a good while to recover from the shock and to realize what Senior Zhao has said, what she is doing right now, and what she means by that .

He has turned from being perturbed to going into raptures just because a single sentence and a mere move of hers .

His hands tremble a little because of excitement then they rise, stop for a second in the middle of the air, and finally hold firmly onto her waist .

Ah Zhao thinks with a heavy heart: Beauty leads people astray . But she is drunk with it and couldn’t free herself from it .