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CH 8

Chapter 8

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A month has passed since Alfie's rebirth, the due to the fact that very few people came near him in that time Alfie's Chip was not able to completely analyze their language, even though a month has passed but Alfie understood that his family was of fairly high status as there were many people in the house to attend to various tasks for his family and many guards to protect the family but they never spoke in front of him to enable him to analyze the language, they only knelt there with solemn air when his mother brought him to the garden in front of the huge hall that the leads to her room .

Alfie's life in this month was pretty good except for two things, first when his mother was breastfeeding him, for which he retaliated by not eating but he was conquered by the pincer attack of his mother with her constant attempts to feed him and his hunger after which he would quietly comply with his mother and second was the young girl who would always came to rough him up and would be reprimanded by his mother after he started crying, after the first few times he would start crying whenever he saw that girl without the presence of his mother . Thus he was living a good, lazy lifestyle but one without any pride, in constant humiliation .

He was also unable to understand the difference in his stats from that of a normal child as the chip was unable to analyze his mother, who was always by his side, as something was blocking it but it was able to analyze other maid but due to low interaction with them this analysis was taking a long time . That night he commanded "Bionic Chip show me my status and current status of all the missions running" and a mechanical voice soon followed in his head a rows of data was displayed in his eyes .

[Beep! Showing status

Name: Alfie Cornel

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Age: 2 months

Lifespan: 750 years

Life Force Stored: 0

Strength: 2 . 5 (Increase of 25%)

Agility: 4 (Increase of 33 . 4%)

Stamina: 2 . 5 (Increase of 25%)

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Vitality: 3(Increase of 50%)]

[Beep! The mission to comprehend language 78% complete]

[Beep! The mission to analyze the difference in stats 43% complete]

He was dumbfounded by an increase of his stats even though he was just eating and sleeping and repeating it all over again for two months . "What is the reason for the increase in the stats?"

[Beep! The reason for increase in stats may be result of host's body growing up as infants grow at fast speed if we do not take into account the fact that the host has more than double the strength of a normal human being and it may also be related to breast milk you drink as it's the only food source for host]

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"Fascinating" The scientist in him was now showing up "When I am feeding next time analyze the breast milk"

[Beep! Mission Accepted]

The days went as usual and soon a month was gone, now Alfie was 3 months old, during this time he was able to comprehend the language and transfer it to his brain thus being able to understand what people around him were talking about and he also understood the reason by his stats were more than double the that of a normal human being as the normal stats of people in here were ten times that of people back on Earth but he was not able to understand the reason for it . It did not fully reveal the mystery of his stats as according to his estimates even if the average stats were ten times higher than that normal human on Earth, his stats should be one-tenth of that as he was an infant but his stats were still double that of normal infants and were increasing rapidly as well .

"The rapid increase in stats may be related to me being infant but there is surely more to it than that but I can't find out more about it from analysis so I should wait and collect more information on my whereabouts from other people as for other things I can't do anything right now" After thinking this he soon fell asleep .

Next morning, he woke up by the harassment of the young girl but today he didn't cry as he was waiting for her to reveal her identity as well as information about the world .

"Hi, little fella how are you doing? Don't start crying in an attempt to bring mother here as she will punish your cute elder sister again and I will not be able to get out of my room for a month again, in return I will not pull your cheeks okay . Okay? Then let's go I will bring you outside as it's very boring here . I will bring you to elder brother's palace okay .

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"How can I have such a dangerous girl as my sister? Weren't elder sister supposed to be loving and caring?" he was crying in the inside but still didn't utter a sound as his starry eyes stared at the young girl that claimed to be his elder sister .

She picked him up and brought him up like a puppy and then hugged him as she started to hop towards the door of the room . 'Alas, I can now gather information outside of this place' thought Alfie as if he was consoling himself by this .

As soon as they came near the end of garden in front of the hall, she halted her steps as she stared in front of her as there stood a muscular, handsome mature man with golden skin and a dignified aura .

'Hahahahaha . . . . . . deserve you deserve is coming for you' he taught as the man that stood in front of him was his father, who would come to see him as well as his mother every morning and Alfie thought that he will reprimand her just like his mother but he just laughed, then said "When did your mother let you out?"

"She let me out just a few minutes ago" she said as she walked towards him .

"You will be punished again if your mother found what you are doing . You know I can't protect you from here wraith" he said then he continued "Give him to me, you know he starts to cry because of you and that causes your mother concern for your mother so you should understand" he said in a loving tone .

"Okay" she said then after a sigh she gave Alfie to her father then she left while commenting "We will play again when mother is not around" and then she hopped off like an angel but that caused Alfie to shiver in fear of her playing .

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