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CH 7

Chapter 7

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When Alfie came to his senses he found himself in a place where he was unable to move and was squeezed around his by unknown things, his vision was filled with darkness and darkness alone but before he could get a clear look at the situation he passed out again .

He was woken up by a roar "What are you waiting for let's go see him . Let's go see my son" before he can understand what language the person who roared was speaking in, he heard the sweet voice of a young girl .

"I will play with him first only then you will have him, ok" though unable to understand the language he was able to make out that the person speaking was a young girl by her voice .

"No, you won't… … . " came third voice and only now was he able to open his eyes .

The scene in front of his eyes was of a large room and in front of him there were three people rushing towards him due to not being able to understand the language he just stared at them and his surroundings, but what he found sent a chill down to his spine as he found out that he was wrapped in silk cloth and was held by the arms of a gigantic young lady .

"What the fuck" he was not even able to move due to the cloth and he felt extremely weak thus he relinquished any struggle .

"What the hell is happening . . . " he started to panic at first but forced himself to calm down as panicking bill cloud is judgment and it will also decrease his efficiency .

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"Bionic chip what happened to me after I passed out and what is happening to my body"

[Beep! After the host jumped towards the wall of the spatial tunnel the chip used all of the host's life force, to protect his body from spatial forces that were acting on the body as for the data after that is not recoverable but according to host current body it can be assumed the host is reincarnated . ]

[Beep! According to ancient legends, this is due to reincarnation . The host's consciousness or soul now resides in a new body that is a body an infant who isn't even 1 day old, which explains the current situation]

This information caused him to tremble in anger as this meant that he lost, that he was not able to win against time, that he was not able to find path to eternity and that he was not able to fulfill his promise to his grandfather . This caused him despair as he lost in only the goal for which he strived for all his life, the goal that his ancestors worked for and he just like them lost in the mid-way to achieve it, even though he was able to find the proof for existence of life force extract it and use it as he like and increase his life to 500 years but that was the limit as the consciousness or soul would dissipate at that point .

This was his defeat, utter defeat as he was not even able to find a successor for his goal like his ancestors as he didn't had any children of his own, nor did he adopted any as he thought that he had enough life span to do that after some decades .

He was pulled out from his despair by a pain he felt on his cheek, as the young girl was pulling his cheeks while giggling . The pain caused him to have teary eyes even though he wanted to control his tears but in a body of newborn he couldn't do so, thus started crying which caused the lady who was holding him to push the girl and reprimand her even though he was not able to understand the language he was able to know that she was being reprimanded as she was being rough with a newborn child, he was also able to understand that the young lady who was holding him was his mother due to the fact that she was holding him when he opened his eyes and was able to reprimand the girl as no maid would be able to do so and he was able to feel a wage connection between him and her even though he was not able to understand what this vague feeling represented as he never had any family other than his grandfather, thus he thought that this was the motherly feeling that a child with a mother would feel

And now that he saw her, he saw that she had pointed ears and green pupils that caused her to look even more mesmerizing with her white skin . Alfie was shocked by that but he thought that it may be due to body modifications that many people did to express themselves .

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. . . . . . . . .

In the night, when his mother was sleeping and no one else was in the room he commanded the chip to show the progress made on the improvement of the life force extraction method .

[Beep! Improvement on Life force Collecting Method in at 1 . 3%]

'Umm… it will take time but I should first learn their language as I will not be able collect life force for some time but I require information' thinking this he commanded

"Make it a priority to comprehend their language only do the improvements when the computing resources are in excess"

[Beep! Mission Established]

[Beep! Learn new language]

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[Beep! Priority changed]

[Beep! Mission for improvement on life force collection is now secondary mission]

"Okay now show me my status"

[Beep! Showing status

Name: Alfie Cornel

Age: 0

Lifespan: 750 years

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Life Force Stored: 0

Strength: 2

Agility: 3

Stamina: 2

Vitality: 2]

[Note: - One unit represents the maximum amount of strength a normal human can exert safely, agility being maximum speed, stamina being the amount of time a normal human can perform to his maximum potential without getting any reduction in the performance and vitality being the ability of the human body to recover from any abnormalities in the body . Thus implying that his normal bodily functions are double that of normal humans . ]

"What the hell?"

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