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CH 5

Chapter 5

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In a pitch black tunnel, lights were moving on the walls with so much speed that they were looking like snakes pouncing towards its prey but that was all an illusion due to moving with high velocity . Among the lights of all the stars stood Alfie, with a grave look on his face as sound after sounds were ringing in his head and his vision was filled with information projected on his retina .

[Beep! Life Reserve 5% left]

[Beep! The spatial tunnel is destabilizing due to spatial turbulence . More energy is used to stabilize the spatial tunnel then estimate . Risk of teleportation failure is increasing]

[Beep! Life Reserve 2% left]

'Fu#$, is this how I die? No, I will not relinquish nor retreat at the face of death because I am Alfie Cornel' with this resolution he planned to make a last all out attempt .

"Stop stabilizing the spatial tunnel, use all the life force stored to increase the speed of teleportation and use my own life force to protect my body from spatial forces"

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[Beep! Stabilizing Spatial tunnel stopped]

[Beep! Accelerating teleportation speed]

The lights on the tunnel wall moving at the high velocity become a white colored river in the tunnel that flows swiftly on the walls and cracks started to appear on the wall of the tunnel but they were left behind due to high velocity but they were still moving towards Alfie from the back .

[Beep! Life Reserve completely exhausted]

[Beep! Burning the host's life force]

[Beep! Host's life is at risk due to life force exhaustion]

"Faster, faster . . . . " with the face that was getting paler with second Alfie kept growled .

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[Beep! Host's life force 150 years reaming]

"Burn it faster, burn it all don't keep any single bit is reserve"

[Beep! Host's life force 100 years remaining]

[Beep! Host's life force 50 years remaining]

Blood started to leak out from his mouth he suffered from burning of his life force .

[Beep! Host's life force 10 years remaining]

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His hairs started to fall and he started to rapidly age . Wrinkles started to appear on his face as the once mature face turned into one that has witnessed the vestiges of time .

[Beep! Host's life force 1 year remaining]

[Beep! Warning the host's life force about to be completely exhausted]

Alfie on his last breath growled "I will not surrender to anyone not even to death, never"

With his sheer will he threw himself towards the wall of the spatial tunnel, to try his luck with spatial turbulence instead of dying with the closure of spatial tunnel even though that was more excruciating then death and have very low chance of survival but in the eye of Alfie, it was better than dying and vanishing from the face the universe .

When his body touched the walls of spatial tunnel there was no impact, his body passed through it as it was passing through smog or water but just as he passed the tunnel the spatial forces that the tunnel was keeping in check started to acct on his body and he felt as if every part of his body was pierced with numerous smoldering hot swords and his skin started to tear as blood gushed out from it .

He appeared like a devil covered fully in his own blood but his body has reached his limit and he lost consciousness soon which seem to be a good thing with the looks of things as his body was still being bombarded by spatial forces in the space between the plains but it did not rip apart into pieces due protection of bionic chip by burning his life force but that too was weakening at rapid speed and did not seems to be able to hold up for long .

After losing his consciousness, he started to hallucinate in his hallucination he was back at the pool in the lab of his grandfather .

He was in the Year 2870

In the lab of Victor Cornel, the pool at the center of the lab was bubbling and submerged in that bubbling liquid was Alfie Cornel . His consciousness was in a dark place were in front of him stood nine men among them the man in the center of the group said "You should have many questions, we will answer them for you but first you should listen to us . "

"We are 'The Nine Forgotten Men' the organization that existed for thousands of years with the main goal of searching for a path to Eternity, for this purpose and this purpose alone our organizations was created and it will only work for this goal . You, Alfie Cornel is my last descendant and I want you as your ancestor to fulfill my wish, our wish that is to search for eternity and claim it as yours, as you as my descendant should never summit nor surrender to anyone not even to death and even if you can't win against it you should fight with all your might, to the last of your breath . "

"You will understand more when merge with all the memories and knowledge we have left behind for you . I hope it will be able to help you"


After some time, just as the protection of Bionic chip was about to stop due to complete exhaustion of his life force his body was ejected from the spatial turbulence and it entered the empty vacuum of space . Due to lack of oxygen, he wasn't able to breathe and thus was woken up to one of the most excruciating pain imaginable but he soon recovered from it but was greeted by the arrival death due to lack of oxygen and thus one of the most evil scientist in the history meet his fate .

For Alfie, this was the end of his journey or was it the beginning a legend in making?

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