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CH 4

Chapter 4

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In the morning, when all prisoners waiting for the doors to open, there was someone still sleeping in his prison cell . When all the doors were cranked open automatically on the preordained time, the sound of metal door opening woke the sleeping person .

Alfie Cornel rubbed his sleepy eyes as he stood up and started to get dressed . After putting the prison jumpsuit he washed his face and then went for the breakfast in the cafeteria .

In the cafeteria, he encountered the bulky black man whom he met the first day of his incarceration . "I heard you were beaten unconscious by another group of inmates yesterday and was dragged to the infirmary . The look of your face makes me so happy even though it wasn't me who did that to you . Don't worry, you will get the same treatment or even better every day from me" he said with an evil laugh .

"I am in good mood today because of your condition so I will give you a day off so that you can wait for the treatment I provide you tomorrow" he walked away while muttering in low voice .

Even though Alfie's body was protected by 'paper armour' and wasn't hurt by any beating he was given as he protected his face uncovered face with both his hands but the blood loss from the prior night made him look like he was very ill, though his strong body recovered considerably and wounds on his hands become scars that will fade away in a couple of days but the blood loss can't be recovered that easily .

He had a healthy breakfast, went to the prison guard office to ask for few pages and pen but was given wax crayon instead of the pen along with a notebook . The reason for giving crayon was related to the safety of the inmates as pencil can be used as weapons that can easily harm other inmates but crayon will at most hurt a little as the temperature is precisely controlled in the prison .

Smiling wryly, he left the office for his own cell and started to wait for the time when the darkness of night envelope the whole prison . Just as the doors of all the cells were cranked shut Alfie started his scribbling on the paper with the crayon

'In the view of masses I, Alfie Cornel committed mass slaughter killed many so many that the masses can't even count . The federation sentenced me to life in prison not because they wanted me to be punished instead so that they can break me, to get my research, to get the research of my ancestors and all the knowledge we accumulated in thousands of years that my organization existed for . Alas I am not a normal human that they can manipulate or break, so I am going to leave the area under federation . This is not escape, this is retreat as I give my word to all human of this world that is so much developed because of work of my ancestors that I will take my revenge and turn you all into my salve but it will take time so show me how your society changes without the perks that me and my ancestors gave you like that bionic chips that your elites relies and more, till I amass the means to conquer your whole creed .

Don't worry with my research I can easily live for a few centuries more, so you all have some time in your hand to get ready and wait my judgment as I bring my armies to slaughter and your kind'

Laughing hysterically he folded the paper on the bed and uncovered the matrix below it by moving his bed . He then poured out the mercury into the matrix and covered it again with the bed and started to wait for mid-night to arrive as that is the time everyone is in the deepest sleep .

When the time arrived, he uncovered the matrix again and cut open a small wound on his wrist and said "Bionic Chip, start burning the life force stored in my cells to start transmutation mercury to gold"

[Beep! Burning Life Force stored in host's cell]

[Life Force remaining 499 years 350 days]

[Life Force remaining 499 years 345 days]

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. . . . . . . . .

"Show me the estimates time it will take for transmutation to complete and how much life force it will need"

[Beep! Calculating the estimated time and life force . . . . .

The process of transmutation of Mercury will take 1 hour 12 minutes in 21 seconds and will cost host 24 years of life force]

[Host can speed up the process by burning more life force . Would the host like to?]

"Conserve the life force for the teleportation as there are many variables in the process of teleportation"

After an hour, there was a sound in head of Alfie

[Beep! Transmutation complete]

"Start the strengthening of matrix with the gold"

[Beep! Commencing strengthening of the matrix]

[Beep! Strengthening at 1%]

[Beep! Strengthening at 2%]

[Beep! Strengthening at 3%]

[Beep! . . . .

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. . . . . . …

[Beep! Strengthening at 10%]

… .

The matrix which was silver in color now had a golden outline as the new gold formed started to cover the outer wall of matrix . The gold in the matrix started to form channels which will act like veins of the matrix and will let energy flow through the matrix with ease and will be more efficient .

[Beep! Strengthening at 99%]

[Beep! Strengthening of the matrix completed]

With serious look on his face, Alfie dropped his blood into the matrix and said "Now, it's to move"

Using the blood as the medium, the life force Alfie has collected from all the slaughter he committed was transferred to the matrix .

'Who would have thought that the life force I collected from so much slaughter is now going to be wasted in such a way . Now, I have to do it all again but I can be more efficient in the method next time' with a bitter smile he said "Bionic chip use 90% computing resources to improve the method of collecting Life force from previous experience after this"

[Beep! Mission Established]

[Beep! After teleportation, use 90% computing resources to improve life force collecting method]

"Open the spatial tunnel"

[Beep! Opening spatial tunnel]

[Beep! Life Reserve 95% left]

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"Search for safe coordinates from the stored ones, found out side federation's jurisdiction within the range of matrix" there was a bright light shining from the matrix in the center of which he stood .

[Beep! Measuring the safe range of matrix]

[Beep! Range found]

There are many problems with teleportation, one it being range of matrix which depends on material used and energy supplied to the matrix but as this was a 'crudely made' matrix which will destroy itself after teleportation as such it's safe can only be measured after powering it .

[Beep! Searching for safe coordinates in the database]

[Beep! Life Reserve 94% left]

[Beep! Search complete 23 safe coordinates found out side federation's jurisdiction . Only 3 of whom are accessible as others are outside of matrix's range]

"Show them to me"

[Beep! First: Mining Asteroid Theia near Jupiter .

Second: Eris Dwarf planet near Kuiper belt .

Third: Cronos artificial moon of Uranus]

"It's better to stay as far away from the federation as possible, so let's go to Eris"

[Beep! Life Reserve 93% left]

[Beep! Host has selected the coordinates near the range of matrix it's advised to select coordinates closer to host as there are more risks in farther coordinates]

'It doesn't matter because if choose a closer coordinates chances of me being captured are high as well as such farther the better' thinking this he said "Teleport to Eris"

[Beep! Life Reserve 92% left]

[Beep! Stabilizing spatial tunnel]

[Beep! Energizing matrix]

[Beep! Energization 10%]

[Beep! Life Reserve 90% left]

[Beep! Energization 20%]

[Beep! Life Reserve 85% left]

[Beep! Energization . . .

… . . . . . . . .

[Beep! Energization complete]

[Beep! Life Reserve 15% left]


The bright light became so bright that it engulfed Alfie and it subsided with an explosion after some time, there was nothing in the place where the matrix was except for a hole in the concrete due to the explosion, not even Alfie was there .

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