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CH 22

Chapter 22

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Adone walked to the entrance of the prison but one of the guards standing at the entrance stopped him .

"Please don't enter the prison, the soldiers are trying to get information from the bandits, it's not a nice thing to see, your highness" the guard bowed towards him and suggested while shivering as he knew if the nine year old prince got scared, he would not be able to have a good life but stopping a prince with his status was equivalent to him asking for troubles .

"Only because of the fact that you stopped me for my wellbeing I would not punish you but next time you tried to block my path, I will make sure that you would curse the day you were born" Adone replied in a cold tone, which was complete opposite of the way he conversed with his family .

The shivering guard was happy because he would not be punished but he was scared as well because of the warning given by Adone .

When Adone walked inside the prison he was greeted by the duo of captains who he tasked with the task of gathering information about any ruins nearby .

"We have gathered all the information we can from the bandits and citizen of the city except for the gang leader as he is a stage 1 death essence cultivator so we are not able to get anything from him" Captain said .

"There are two ruins near the city, first one is ruins of an abandoned village of Elves which was abandoned after elves migrated to the forest near the capital of the kingdom after her majesty married his majesty, the King"

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"Another is a cave near the 'Cliff of Despair' on the Shadow Mountain . The cliff on the mountain causes people of weak resolve to jump down the cliff and the mountain itself is shrouded in dark mist which never allows sunlight to reach the mountain which makes the mountain appear like a shadow" He continued .

Adone silently listen to the report and the light a shined in his eyes when he heard about the 'Cliff of Despair' and shadow mountain and of course he was aware of the elves who resided in the forest near the capital as his mother was the younger daughter of the previous Queen of the elves and sister of the present Queen, even though there were not many elves left after the massacre done by the Lich King, Lucas Bain, they formed a forest city in the forest near the capital as they didn't have enough population to found a kingdom .

He was also aware of the 'Cliff of Despair' on the Shadow Mountain, there is a large concentration of death essence and dark essence which causes the mountain to be enveloped in dark mist but the essence there was very chaotic in nature which made it impossible for cultivators of dark and death essence to absorb it .

This chaotic essence affects the people with weak spirit to lose control of their body and jump to their death . This was the information he collected from a book called 'Wonder of Great Gran' kept on the third floor of the royal library .

Adone nodded to them, then said "Where is the gang leader held? Lead the way"

"I will lead the way" other captain said .

"Please keep your distance from him, your highness . Even though he is bound by the chains specially made to suppress stage 1 cultivators, there is no way for someone with our cultivation to protect you if you came close to him" he said with concern .

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Adone ignored him and just kept walking, soon they reached a prison cell which was brightly light by Night Pearls which were spread light in the whole cell where Mr . Shou was held with all his limbs chained with a chain that was covered by shining ruins .

"Are you here to mock me or to humiliate me? Let me tell you something I don't care what you do just don't preach me as I hate when someone preaches me" Shou shouted as he looked towards Adone .

"Leave us alone" Adone commanded .

The captains left after warning him about not entering the prison cell .

"What do you know about Lucas Bain?" Adone asked after he was sure that there was no one who could hear him .

Shou's eyes sharpened as he looked at Adone .

"Should I take your reaction as a yes? Then do you know where he is sealed?"

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"What if I know about it? What can a little boy like you, do to me?" Shou chuckled .

Adone didn't reply to him, he just stared towards him for a while before opening the prison cell and entering it . He stopped in front of Shou, at a distance of about two feet and cut open a small wound on his palm with a small knife that he took out from his pocket .

He used the blood from the wound to draw a small but complicated looking diagram in the shape of the pentagon which was pointing towards Shou, then dripped some blood on Shou with help of a knife and stood up on the pentagon .

"What are you doing?" Shou had a bad feeling about what Adone was doing .

"You will soon know about it" Adone grinned as he commanded in his mind 'Bionic Chip start the life force extraction'

[Beep! Beginning the extraction of life force]

[Beep! The process would use some of the host's life force which would be recovered from the life force extracted but it would cause immense pain to the host]

Adone felt like each and every cell in his body was breaking down and the pain was unbearable but this pain soon faded as he felt his cells that about to break apart strengthen and energize .

His life force was used to force Shou's life force to leave his body and enter his body . This process was not perfect as only twenty percent of the life force extracted could be absorbed .

This was much better than his first attempts on Earth in which he was only able to recover 50% of life force he spent don't even think about gaining more life force and even that was with the help of Earth technology .

He was able to make the extraction process much more efficient by constant experiments, even though he had to kill billions but that was all worth it, as it allowed him to have unlimited life span by storing life force he extracted in his cells but he was unable to protect his brain from the decay, that it would face with time, which restricted his life span to five hundred years .

This problem was non-existent now as he already possessed life span of 750 years because of Elf and Dragon bloodlines that he inherited from his parents .

When Adone's life force enveloped Shou, he felt as if he was standing in front of grim ripper but the moment his life force left his body he left a pain that was unbearable to bear even for him who was Stage 1 cultivator .

"Noooooo…" He started screaming but he soon understood what was happening to his body which caused his spine to shiver .

"You… you are refining my life essence" Shou gritted his teeth and managed to speak before he started to scream again but this sentence of his piqued the interest of Adone .

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