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CH 2

Chapter 2

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Year 3019


On the most inhabitable planet in the solar system, colonized only to house the worst prisoner in the federation there was a chaotic atmosphere as a crowd of criminals were beating a middle-aged man in the prison yard . The middle-aged man's mature handsome face, that would have been a face perfect in his youth for a lady killer was pale with a grim look as he curls into a ball with both his hands protecting his head as kicks were raining on him .

"Tell me how does it feel to on the other side of your 'torturing session'?" A black man with a bulky body asked as he raised the middle-aged man with his hair .

Only now can the face of the middle-aged man could be seen, he was the evil scientist Dr . Alfie Cornel .

"Do you remember the faces of the people you killed after torturing them? Do you remember a pregnant woman whom you tortured and left to bleed to death as you collected your data samples?" he growled and then punched Alfie in the gut .

"Let me guess, was she your wife? Or your sister? I don't really recall any special woman among the pregnant women I killed . I do remember that I killed 712,478,907 women of whom 4 percent were pregnant so you have to be a little more specific about your woman if you want me to tell you how I killed her and used her death as a way to help me in my research, okay . " Alfie grinned as he staggered due to pain .

"I will kill you" the bulky man shouted as he shot towards Alfie but was stopped by another middle-aged man in the crowd .

"Will you be that easy on him, to let him die so easily or will you make him suffer each and every day of your life as he did to your wife and my daughter? Will we let him die so easily when he tortured our family members to their death or will we make him suffer worse than what he did to our friends and family members?" he stopped and looked at a distance then continued in a hushed tone "And do you really think you can kill an ordinary prisoner in this prison without being killed in the process? Let alone the most high profile prisoner in here" he then signaled them with his hands to disperse as the robot guards came from the direction he was looking at .

"I will see you again" said the bulky man as he ran off in the opposite direction of the guard .

When Alfie was about to walk towards his prison cell he heard an emotionless mechanical voice "Convict number 312769 get to the infirmary to get your check up done and don't get yourself into fights with other prisoners or you will be punished accordingly . " Turning his head in the direction of the voice he saw a robot guard coming towards him .

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"Convict number 312769 you will be transferred to solitary confinement and will be administered with a dosage of stonefish poison next week, so you should cherish these few last days of your life when you could interact with humans and try get most out of it . Try not to waste this limited amount of time you have left to socialize with others by fighting with them"

"I don't need a robot like you to worry about me" saying this he started walking towards the infirmary with black lines on his head .


In the night he stood in his prison cell, staring at the image of a map in his retina 'It's been a month since I got here and I have already scanned the prison area for the locations under constant surveillance and the gap in them but there is no way I can get out of this planet alive even if I manage to get out of the prison, the temperature outside will roast me in seconds . ' Thinking this he said "Bionic chip find the safest method to get out of this prison system"

He heard a female mechanical voice in his head

[Beep! Analysis begin . . . ]

[Analysis 01%]

[Estimate time for analysis to complete 3 minutes and 43seconds]

[Analysis 02%]

[Analysis 03%]

. . . .

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After some time he heard a sound

[Beep! Analysis 100%]

[Analysis Complete]

"Project results on my retina"

The whole analysis report was projected into his retina as blue light flickered in Alfie's eyes .

'According to analysis there is really no way to safely get out this hell hole physically'

"Bionic chip list all the ways to get out of this prison system"

[Beep! Compiling the methods to escape the prison system]

[Beep! Escape methods compiled]

[First Method Faking Death: by faking his own death host can use his funeral as a means to escape .

Risks Involved: Host will have high chances of death as his 'dead body' will go for an autopsy if he can't escape before autopsy it is performed . ]

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[Second method high jacking: Host can high jack a cargo spaceship that comes to prison monthly .

Risk Involved: High chance of being shot down by prison security drones]

[Third . . . … .

. . . … . . . ]

Frustrated due to so much useless information being transferred to his brain he said "Sort them according to their chances of success"

[Beep! Sorting the data according to specified parameters]

[Teleportation: 7% Chance

Staging a Coup d'état: 1 . 2% Chance

. . . … . . ]

''What the hell?"

'How can I use teleportation when I am trapped in this hell hole and don't have access to teleportation matrix?'

"Bionic Chip, how can I use teleportation to escape when there is no teleportation matrix on this whole planet?"

[Beep! Hosts can use the chip to replace matrix core and to stabilize the spatial tunnel . The life force Host collected can be used to power the whole project given that the Host can lay the matrix and collect the needed material for it]

[Beep! The chance of unknown occurrence happening and spatial tunnel collapsing is very high . There is also a chance of Host using his saved up life force and his own life force just to open up the spatial tunnel . ]

[Beep! There is also lack of any coordinates of destination that are needed to use teleportation]

'I need to get materials and as for coordinates I can simply use more life force to compensate for lack of coordinates by manually searching for a place and hope I won't run out of life force before I found a planet where federation can't find me'


Next day, in the morning, when one can see prisoners getting ready to get out of there prison cell there was a man padding his bare body with tissue paper, he then tightly taped them all together to make a thick paper armor . He then wore all his clothes above the paper armor . Then he started to wait for the time when the prison cell will be opened . This man was Alfie Cornel .

At 8 A . M . the prison cell gates are opened to let prisoners enter the cafeteria to have their lunch and enter recreation zone after breakfast .

In the cafeteria, Alfie came to the front of the cafeteria to get his breakfast after getting his breakfast from the machine and took a seat in the opposite of the same group that beat his previous day . After taking the seat he said "I remember now how I gutted your beloved, it was so fun to play with those supple mounds of her as I penetrated deep into her and how I let my dogs have their fill with her after me . It was such a fantastic view as she lost her mind to a mixture of pleasure and pain and it was the same for your daughter though she ended up as pet food"

"You bastard, I will rip you into pieces"

"Kill him"

Both the black and the middle-aged man shouted as they pounced on him in a fit of rage . The bulky black man reached him first and punched him in the face making Alfie fly in to the air before he fell to the ground . After falling to the ground Alfie was beaten like a dog by the group causing Alfie to faint and they left only after being forced to flee by ta robot guard . The guard then picked up unconscious Alfie and brought him to infermary .

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