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CH 18

Chapter 18

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Both brothers sit opposite to each other in the carriage as the carriage moved with an entourage of two squads of hundred soldier each, on the road .

"This is the first time going out of the capital for you, so remember the fact that powerful cultivators can easily kill you and I will not be able to do anything to them but you should not be scared as no one is capable of surviving the wrath of the royal family"

"Yes, I understand brother," Adone said .

Adone then handed him the spatial ring that his mother gave him .

"My luggage is stored in this so I would need your help with storage" he added

"Yeah-yeah" Liam replied as he kept the ring

They talked for a while more and after that Liam started cultivating which verified that the title of cultivation addict was a fitting title for him as he was unwilling to let go of any second which he could utilize for cultivation .

Seeing his brother cultivate, Adone smiled, as he was waiting for this to happen from the start . He silently shifted towards the window of the carriage and indicated driver to slow down the carriage .

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When the carriage slowed enough he leaped out from the window of the carriage and landed near the driver's seat .

"Signal both captains, I need to talk to them in private"

"Yes, your highness" he replied as he signaled the captains using a yellow flag . Flags were the most efficient way to communicate with the squad without breaking the formation of the whole squad .

Soon after the flag was raised a man on the horse came to towards the carriage from the front and soon another man came from the back . They both bowed towards Adone after dismounting from the horse, as they are supposed to kneel only to the King, his Queen or the crown prince since he was not a crown prince, a bow was proper etiquette .

"Your Highness" both simultaneously greeted .

He neared them, then said "I have a mission for you, but the information about this mission must never be divulged to another soul or you know better than me the faith of those who betray the royalty . If you perform well, I will make sure that you can enjoy a life of riches for the rest of your life"

"We will do anything you command, your highness" both of them bowed again .

"What I want you to do is gather information about any ancient ruins or special places near the northern border of Great Gran, you could also gather information from the natives as well as the bandits . "

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"I don't care about the method all I need are the results, so do whatever it takes to gather the information just make sure to deal with all the loose ends and only report it to me as my elder brother is only interested in cultivation" he commanded to them in a cold voice .

"We will make sure that your highness is satisfied results" They bowed again then left .

After they left Adone signaled the driver to pick up the speed and said

"You asked the captains about the terrain near the border and that's all"

"Yes, your highness . I apologize for slowing the carriage to ask the captains about the terrain, I will increase the speed now"

Adone smiled towards this understanding drivers of his as he went back in the carriage .

He looked at Liam who was still cultivating, unknown to the fact that his little brother was up to something very evil or crazy from another perspective .

By evening they reached a small city few hundred miles from the capital, a speed which caused Adone to be amazed even though he even that the horses that pulled the carriage or the horses that the soldiers rode were, in fact, demonic beasts capable of cultivation and possessed some intelligence as well .

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Since he wasn't able to scan them using his Bionic chip he knew that they possessed some cultivation as Bionic chip was not able to scan any being with cultivation due to its lack of understanding of essence, this also made it impossible for him to identify their species as different species had different bloodline and were able to change their outer appearance to some extent .

They rested in the most luxurious inn in the city but it was still a mile far from the luxury of the royal palace .

Adone and Liam went to rest after having their dinner early as they were supposed to leave towards the border in the early morning .

Next morning, they were back on the road as they traveled towards the border .

This cycle repeated for a few days as they neared their destination .

A couple of times they were forced to camp in the wild as there was no human establishment in the vicinity of their location . This only caused the soldiers some problem as they had to perform the duties of the night guards and were unable to sleep .

A big incident happened when a demonic beast attacked the entourage . It looked like a White Lion but its size was as large as a bull but it was soon turned into a nice meal as both the captains took action . Adone later found out from the captain that it was a Demonic Thunder Lion with stage 1 cultivation but it was weekend due to something unknown .

When they searched the surrounding area were the Lion attacked they found 2 lion cubs which caused the soldiers and captain to celebrate as they were worth a huge amount in the market and this also explained why a captain who was not even a stage 1 cultivator slay a stage 1 Demonic Thunder Lion as she just gave birth to its cubs and weekend as a result of it .

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"These cubs are newly born so we should gift them to the princes, it will help us establish a connection with royalty" Suggested the captain as he knew that even if they didn't give the cubs to them, they would have to give them to their superior or sell them as they were cubs of stage 1 demonic beast, which they can't even afford to feed .

"Yes-yes" Understanding the situation other captain replied .

When they brought the cubs to Adone he looked at the cubs curiously for a while then looked at the soldiers

"Don't worry I will make sure you get a reward for the cubs as for the demonic core of the Demonic Thunder Lion, I would like to buy it from you as it would be helpful in raising the cubs"

He then went to his brother's tent but he was shocked to see he was not cultivating as usual .

"Brother, look the soldiers found of the Demonic Thunder Lion as well as its cubs" said Adone as he showed the cubs and the demonic core to his brother .

"I knew there was a demonic beast but I wasn't sure it was a stage 1 beast, this was all due to its weakening otherwise I would have been forced to join the fight" he said as he looked at the demonic core in Adone's hand .

"And we got 2 demonic cubs as well . Adone raise them well and they would protect you with their lives and be loyal to you till the day you die" Liam continued "When you awaken your spirit beast at the age of ten, forge a contract with them so they would only be loyal to you or someone could force them to make a contract with them"

"I understand brother" replied Adone as he stared at the white little cubs that were sleeping soundlessly on his lap .

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