Free Light Novel

CH 1

Chapter 1

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Year 3019


In headquarters of United Worlds Federation, there was a solemn air as a group of 50 or so armed soldiers armed with Lazer Blasters walk towards the court house sorrounded by crowd of news reporters and onlooker staring at a man in the center of the soldiers with a look of anxiety, fear with a mix of anger and hope . The man in question was walking with chained limbs in chains of Mithril nanotubes .

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When the entourage enters the court house, the man was caged in a cage large enough for adult man to stand . The escorting soldiers let out a sigh of relief as the cage doors are locked .

Then the judge enters the hall takes the seat saying "begin the trial" but there was a difference in this trial as there was no defender and no jury as if it was a casual meeting to decide the punishment of a troublesome kid not a trial but it was far from one, very-very far as this was the trial of federations most wanted, evil scientist Dr . Alfie Cornel .

"This man, Dr . Alfie Cornel is brought here to be prosecuted for his acts against whole humanity, the whole federation itself" growls the prosecutor with anger in his eyes he asks Dr . Cornel "Will you plead guilty for your crimes ?"

Prosecutor again says "Will you accept that you committed genocide in name of science, for research you slaughtered 1 . 2 billion people by conducting human experiment, gene alteration and human cloning . Do you accept that you Dr . Cornel wiped out more than 1% of all humanity just for your inhumane research, do you accept that you one of the most acclaimed person in scientific community 70 years ago slaughtered just so you can increase your life span . "

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"It doesn't matter if he accept or not, today he will be sentenced not to death but and punishment worse than death" sad a man from crowd .

"Yeah he should be given a life worse than death" talks of this nature soon started but work cut short by a snort from the judge .

"We are aware that he committed such atrocities just to be able to live longer just so that he can have a life longer then 200 years and to be able to increase his life span up to 500 years shown from his research data as such Dr . Alfie Cornell is sentenced to life in prison, to live the rest of his life in solitude without any human interaction but as his research can help humanity as a whole the federation has come to the decision of giving him a merciful death if he chooses to give his whole research Data to federation . "

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"Haha ha . . . …" a maniacal laughter can be heard full of killing intent came from the cage .

"I Alfie Cornel never heard such a farce in 169 years of my life . Those old fogeys a federation wants my research then they can do there own cause I Alfie Cornel will never surrender no relinquish even a single penny of mine let alone my research, the fruit of decades of my hard work even if you with me apart . You want me to plead guilty just for killing mere 1 . 2 billion people, the let me ask you kid will you ask the same question when federation wipes out entire planets to test their weaponry or subjugate entire species, will you ask the same when federation rallies billions to there death in wars in the name of patriotism . Just so that the elders of federation can have few resources or test subjects . Do they plead guilty or are they caged? No . Just because I was in possession of something they want but they can't have, the cage me . "

"Now tell me where is that bitch, tell me where is Sofia? Where is that backstabbing bitch hiding now? Tell me how much did she get for selling me out?" He shouts hysterically

Judge says coldly "it's not your place to accuse others, this is your trial as for Lady Sofia, she is given the reward she deserve for informing the federation about you and your atrocities" he continues "Now that you have made it clear that you do not intent to provide your research data to the federation then you can't be shown any mercy . "

"This court sentence Dr . Alfie Cornell to life in prison so you can live your wretched life in solitary confinement without any possibility of parole . You will be administered stone fish poison on daily basis so that you can feel the pain of your victims everyday of your are life for the rest of your days and regret that the life you cherished so much will turn into hell and even if you wish to die it will not come as your body that you got from your research will not let you die"

"This case is closed and the sentence will not change until the guilty submit the research that he completed by committing such atrocities" the judge says solemnly before leaving the court house .

The cage is than opened and Alfie is taken to the prison escorted by the soldiers .

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