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CH 9

Chapter 9

Side : Mob Character

My name is Kouji Yamada .

I’m the 32nd member of the unofficial fan-club of Abeno Kaguya .

I can say that I’ve been blessed by good luck since I’m in the same class as Kaguya-sama .

However, I’ve been sitting diagonally behind her but… Today her state is weird .

On lunch break she was tinkering with her phone intensively and her usual cool beauty has disappeared… And smiling for some reason .

“Respond faster . ”

“How long must I wait . 20 seconds have already passed . ”

“Respond… Respond… Respond…”

“Faster… Faster…”

She was mumbling something like respond faster and something to move faster… She was talking like she was using a old-worn out computer .

And, as usual I didn’t fail to miss out what Kaguya-san says while she’s eating by herself .

“Mail friends… is nice, isn’t it?”

Her cheeks became relaxed from something which happened… At that time I was unaware of it .

Side: Morishita Daichi

Hello, it’s me .

Right now, it’s lunch break .

And, somebody please save me…

As of 0:20 pm, today my mails from Abeno-senpai is… 262 mails and 12 calls .

The times on lunch break .

“I’m looking at the sky . ”

“The cirrocumulus clouds”

“Are beautiful, aren’t they?”

“My bentou today . ”

“What do you think it is?”

“Right now . ”

“I will be”

“Going to the toilet . ”

Just like these trivial mails there were a mountain of them .


No, that’s actually a good thing, but it’s the creation of short sentences like an intermittent style .

That’s very annoying and it’s the cause of the mails becoming cluttered… And I’ll leave it just be…

And If I don’t reply within one minute, I’ll get a phone call from her .

And then when I pick up I get silence, and if I don’t reply in 30 seconds I am being called and there’s silence again .

The emails were coming one after another without stopping .

By the way, all of them were so trivial that they astonished me .

“At this point, doesn’t this give the feeling of a horror…?”

“I’m going to make contact with you as the plain me” is what she said… But, this was the plain her?

Rather, her character is really too deep!

No matter how much the shrine maiden mixer event is possible, my heart will be broken before that!

【Skill:Mind resistance(Intermediate)has activated】

Ooh, my heart has been eased .

Now that I remember if I endure this whole day she’ll tell me her secret, and after all the mixer party is alluring .

For now… let’s try and endure the whole day .

And at the time I was thinking that, I heard a voice from the back of the classroom .

“How did you get the idea of mixing a sweetened bun with milk coffee!? Those two together don’t make your mouth sweet!”

I looked at the back of the classroom and it was the blonde pigtailed Lela Sakaguchi who yelled .

As usual, her face is just beautiful and faultless .

By the way since boobs are my domain of expertise I’ve decided she has no boobs .

“It’s fine, so go buy coffee in low sugar! You have 3 minutes!”

She was sitting on a chair and 5 male classmates were around her .

Four of them were kneeling in all directions, while one became her footrest as she sat on the chair .

That’s right, he became a footrest .

Basically, my classmate Maeda-kun was grovelling on the ground and his back became a footrest for Sakaguchi-san .

And the groveling glass Maeda-kun somehow had an expression of supreme bliss…

I returned to my phone like I haven’t seen or heard any tragic incidents in the classroom .

She just changed schools, and it’s only been several days so how did she do that… The Italian-Finnish girl is amazing… and I looked at the smartphone screen and the ringtone rang .

It’s from Abeno-senpai .

I answered the call, and as expected it’s silent .

Cursed phone which makes you fall ill .

If I turn back, I’ll see a Finnish girl resting her feet on a classmate .

“How did it become like this…”

I fell flat on my desk .

That day’s evening .

Total messages 1619 and 82 alerts, I’ve endured patiently and the time has finally become 11:59 .

And then she’ll tell me her secret… Abeno-senpai called me at exactly 12:00 .

“Hello, it’s Morishita-kun . ”

There was only a silence of 0 . 5 seconds so I was relieved .

I’m saved . She’s not being silent…

“I know that even if you hadn’t said it . As expected, bitch bastard . ”

I see .

The messages were casually expressed… So that’s what plain was about .

“Then, Abeno-senpai . What’s the secret?”

“But before that… I have to say congratulations . ”


“A bitch bastard like you has been recognized as my friend . Rejoice… You’ve passed . ”

Because I have mind resistance skills I was able to interact normally, but normal people would’ve given up long time ago .

“I’ve passed…?”

“Yeah, you’ve passed . Since you’re bitch bastard… is what you are . ”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying that you are that kind of existence…”

Who is the one that said she was a high-moral lady?

Isn’t this person plenty saying dirty things?

“So… The secret of Abeno-senpai is…?”

“That’s right . Since we’ve become email friends I have to tell you my secret . Okay, Morishita-kun? Don’t be surprised when you hear it . ”

I gulped and held my breath .

Although the interior is deplorable, I’ll be informed of the secret of the school’s refined Madonna .

This is something you would have to expect even if you hate it .

“The reality is”

She became silent on the side of the call .

And then she said while taking deep breaths .

“I have no friends . ”

I thought so!

I knew that even if you didn’t tell me that!

Besides, I’ve never seen somebody this bad at communicating until now!

She’s unrivaled! First shock in the history of my life!

“By the way, Abeno-senpai? Won’t you invite your shrine maiden acquaintances to have a dinner party with me?”

Abeno-senpai has finished disappointing me .

To put in other words, my interest in going out with Abeno-senpai with romantic intentions has disappeared .

Then in that case, I’ll have to have the shrine maiden party as soon as possible .

“What are you saying, Morishita-kun?”

“What am I saying what?”

“Didn’t I say that I have no friends?”

“That’s why I said about your shrine maiden acquaintances? To invite them to a dinner party… Don’t have to be friends… there’s no need for the relationship to be that further? It would be good if you get in contact with several acquaintances…”

“Again, what are you saying, Morishita-kun? I’ve lived for 17 years but it’s my first time meeting somebody as stupid as you . ”

I’ve also lived 19 years and it’s my first time meeting somebody so horrible at communication .

I asked Abeno-senpai while being depressed .

“What do you mean by that exactly…?”

“Basically… There’s nobody in my mobile contacts other than you and my family . ”


What a useless woman!

Shit… this is troublesome .

The mental attacks from the mails till now… If it’s everyday like that, then I’ll be troubled .

I’ll need to think of a method to somehow fade away from Abeno-senpai .

“By the way, Morishita-kun?”

“What is it?”

“I’m extremely happy because I made my first mail friend since I was born . I’m honest here . ”

“Haa… is that so? Excuse me, but…?”


“What if I say I want to stop? Didn’t you say that if we didn’t like each other then we would stop . ”

“The trial period ended at 11:59 . From now on it is the acceptance period . I will not recognize something as sudden cooling-off . ”

“And even if I say I don’t want to…?”

“You’ll die . ”

“You’ll die,” she said .

Just a few words, simple is best .

There’s no easy words to indicate the determination and mental state of Abeno-senpai…

I was speechless and unable to say anything .

“… . ”

“If you betray me… I’ll kill you…”

“… . ”

“… . ”

“… . ”

“Haha, I was the one who said that wanted for us to be friends… There’s no way I’ll betray you…”

“Fufu . That’s right, isn’t it? Well then, have a good night… Morishita-kun . ”

“…Good night . ”

“Aah, that’s right… Where do you think I am now?”

“Eh? I don’t understand!”

“I’m in the kitchen… I went there to select a knife but it was apparently a fool’s errand . ”


It’s probably killing intent from hearing “And even if I say I don’t want to?”…

“Haha… you’re jokes are intense…”

“Well, well then have a good sleep… eternally…”

I can’t guess whether her last words were serious or she was joking .

Ha… she hangs up and I looked at the ceiling while blessing myself .

Basically, I just thought about one thing .

I’ve stepped on a huge land mine…