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CH 5

Chapter 5

ow, after having beaten those guys, what should I do…?

I’m thinking of the prospects of what my life will be from now on in my home’s living room .

I can’t say I’m a hero…

I’m just a muscle brain so I don’t really have the needed skills to work as a salary man in modern society .

I am eating chips while listening to the evening’s news channel .

It is a news channel for great Japanese baseball players .

“Saburo-san is really great, right? He’s still a major league player even when he has passed 40 years . ”

He’s finally became a talented person by relentlessly working… I wonder if that can be reached only by certain people .

I respect him and I also think that I want to live that kind of life .

At any rate, to be an amazing person .

“To have a lot of money and other things…”

Fame and fortune .

I’ve abandoned those in the different world but after all I have interest in them since I’m a man .

But… looking at Suboro-san in the TV I just sighed wearily .

“Genius is a mental state reached by working hard day in and night out . Something like that for me is just impossible…”

And I froze right there while looking at the TV .

Having realized the fact my mouth was opening and closing and pointed at Saburo-san on TV .

I can do it! I can become it! This me! I am more nimble than Saburo-san! My dynamic vision has already passed humanity’s limits!

And I started fiddling on my smartphone .

I have to verify the annual income of a professional baseball player right now .

I have no intention to stand out but if I’m just one step ahead of the star player then I probably won’t be treated as a monster .


And then for just around 1 hour I gathered reliable information about the annual income of pro baseball players on the internet .

“I see . A stand alone on a mountain… And a supercar…?”

I nodded and then pointed at Suboru-san and declared .

“Suboru-san . I will first aim for the Koushien!” (TN: Japanese High School Baseball Tournament . )

I resolved myself to aim for pro baseball and the next day a sudden transfer student has introduced themselves in the morning’s homeroom .

“I’m the transfer student, Lela Sakaguchi! First off, please be aware of the fact that the only common thing between us is our age! And then from now you all will take care of me as a princess!”

She is an unbelievably beautiful chibi girl with blue eyes and blonde pigtail hair .

Her height probably wasn’t even 145 cm and she puffed her small breasts with pride .

And it wasn’t like she had been pointing at somebody but her right index finger had been pointed towards the back of the classroom while her left hand is on her waist .

How do I say it… Putting it in just a word she feels great . No, would it be better to say she gives the impression of an tsundere?

Our classroom teacher noticed that Sakaguchi-san had no intention to speak more than that and instead began to introduce her .

“Sakaguchi-san is a girl who was born in Finland and raised in Italy . She’s a talented woman who has repeatedly skilled grades and graduated from an American university and holds a Phd . Her father is Finnish, her mother is Russian, her grandmother is half Japanese half Russian… In other words she’s ⅛ japanese and she’s fluent in Japanese . ”

Woah, her character is too deep . On top of it that greeting .

She’s a talented tsundere that appeared from some young-adult fiction .

The moment I reflexively tried to do a tsukkomi my eyes met with Sakaguchi’s .

Then Sakaguchi came straight towards me and banged on my desk .

“Just wait a bit, you!”

“Hm? Is something wrong?”

She stared into my eyes and then she shook her head left and right .

“Nothing, I thought to intimidate the teacher to make my seat next to you but…”

Intimidate, she said…

Rather, this girl really has strong characteristics like she honestly came from an adult fiction .

Haahaahm . I heard that japanese anime has swoop foreign country in recent days .

Perhaps she’s doing a pretend character because she has yearned for things like in anime .

Or possibly she’s under the impression that tsundere from an anime are real Japanese images and she has done that so that she won’t be looked down upon…?

“Then, what do you intend to do?”

“It looks like I miscalculated . I felt an amazing aura… so I thought maybe it was yours but…”

It’s somehow a very deep phrase .

Is it not just that you fell in love at first sight?

Though, I’m not particularly handsome .

“… . ?”

“No, don’t mind it! If look at it closely, it’s completely different!”

And then, she intimidated the teacher and magnificently she obtained the the last chair of the column near the window .

And from then on, she slept through all the classes .

Well, she did say she has a PhD, so her taking class has no meaning in the first place .

Then, why she is attending high school will probably remain a mystery… Well, to me it’s a trivial story .

By the way, the times when she was awake she frequently came to me .

And then our eyes met and she would always say “He’s very strange, right?… How, though…?” to herself and tilted her head to the side .

And then after school .

I was walking through the corridor with the class’s committee chairman .

Murayama Touka

Her height is 157 cms and weight is 52 kg .

She’s the beautiful class committee girl with a bit chubby and sexy body .

Coincidentally her breasts are a G-cup .

She is like a template that you would find in some young-adult fiction… is what she gives off, but this class committee is actually the manager of the baseball team .

“I will bring you to the Koushien!”

“Do you promise…?”

And from then on our love will bloom and at the time when we win the Koushien we’ll kiss passionately…

I was thinking that while looking at her breasts shake *Puro* *Puro* and I clenched my fist to renew my spirit .

“Morishita-kun? What’s wrong? You were smiling…”

“Hm? No, nothing is wrong?”

Not good, not good .

If I don’t moderate my delusions I’ll appear like a pervert .

And then we’ve arrived at the sports ground .

The class committee introduced me to the baseball team and first of all, today was my first experience of joining the club .

And then I was allowed to have the experience of standing in the batter’s box and watching the pitcher’s ball from close…

“Morishita-kun? I’ll give the bat to you but since you’re a novice you probably won’t hit the ball… There’s nothing to be ashamed of, okay?”

While receiving the bat from her I nodded lightly .

She’s a girl who can worry for others is what I thought while looking at her breasts .

And then .

The pitcher brandished a lot and then threw a straight with full power .

A straight coming right into the center at 110~120 km/h .

If I had been an ameteur I would’ve been surprised just by looking at the speed .

But, I’m a returnee from a different world .

If I say it bluntly then it looks like it has stopped moving to me .

I swung the bat with minimal power .

Okay, it’s dead on for homerun course .

The situation is a novice takes a homerun from the ace pitcher by mere beginners luck . That’s the script for this time .

It will be a perfect anecdote for the future 3rd batter or 5th batter of the Yomiuri Giants .

Wait for me class president! (TN: changed committee chairman here to president, because if the normal class members are committee members and she is the chairman then it would be fine to call her class president as well . )

Because I’ll definitely take you to the Koushien!

【Skill:Sword Art(Skill Level 10)has activated!】

What did it just say!?

Why did a skill activate at this time!?

Rather… I have a very unpleasant feeling about this…



I heard two things hitting the protector of the catcher and then falling down on the ground .

I looked at the two things that terribly fell to the ground and looked confusingly at the expected scene .

And then, the class president said it in a fading voice .

“The ball… was sliced…”