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CH 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: VS Bullies . Second part


“I was in something like a different world?”

“What the hell are you saying…”

I got closer to Murashima’s lackey Miyasoko and lightly grabbed Miyasoko’s right wrist .

“Oi, you…”

“All right . ”

I put a little strength in my grip and like the sound of dry wood *snap* his right wrist was smashed .

Miyasoko raised a disarrayed voice while looking at his wrist bent in an unbelievable angle and swaying loosely .

“Haaa…? What is this…?”

And then several seconds later, Miyasoko looked once more at his wrist…



It seems, it took him some time to notice the pain .

He collapsed on the spot and while screaming he was writhing in pain on the ground .

Additionally, I went and poked Uchida’s chin .

His jawbone got smashed and at the same his consciousness went away too .

“Y, y, y, y, what did you do? How and what in the hell did you?”

The remaining Murashima understood that both of them were done in succession and the actual difference of power between us .

He was swinging the metal bat in the spot he was while screaming frantically .

Is there even a threat in just swinging the metal bat? Well, at any rate his face was pallid and his eyes were dyed in fear .

I slowly walked forward to the frightened Murashima .

“Don’t come! Don’t come! Don’t come, don’t come, don’t come, don’t come!”

“Don’t be like that . Haven’t we been close as sticked by glue every day after school? I’ve been called everyday by you guys . ”

Murashima was swinging his bat and he hit my head clearly .

A metallic sound once again echoed in the forest and Murashima had a smile on his mouth .

“You, you, you, you, hyigaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Murashima was screaming in fear .

Well, he witnessed me not flinching from the metal bat’s attack and even smiling… Speaking of it, it’s only natural that he’ll be like this .

He’s this afraid of me from having reversed positions .

“So, will you accompany me to the end?”

I held Murashima’s waist with both of my hands and raised him high .

And then I just simply threw him upwards .

Murashima had been thrown around 15 meters in the sky, and then I followed his fall trajectory .


Together with that sound he fell on the ground and lost consciousness .

His fall was adjusted from his feet, so I’m certain that his bones had been done in, somewhere .

“Now, everyone has fainted… First is recovery magic . ”

My fist was being enveloped by green particles .

By the way, I can use medium recovery magic so I’m able to even heal lost limbs in an instant .

I have no confidence in whether I can heal internal organs that are a mess .

The princess’s perfect heal can heal anything except instant death .

And, I healed the trio’s wounds in an instant .

“Next is memory operation . ”

Memory operation is also possible if you use the Brainwash Magic which is Higher Mental Confusion magic .

Despite that, it doesn’t mean that you can manipulate anything or everything so at best you can manipulate only the memories who haven’t solidified in the brain in the past 20~30 minutes .

Well, there’s nothing wrong in modifying this situation .

Naturally, I’ll leave the fear and terror they feel from me in the memory operation .

From now on, these people won’t understand it well but they’ll be feeling that just being involved with me is dangerous .

“Haa, they’re truly troublesome . ”

Like this I’ve cut my past with Murashima and the others, and I will lead my new life from now on .