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CH 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: VS Bullies. First part.


Before morning’s homeroom.

“Oi, Morishita! What kind of magic trick did you do yesterday? Where did you disappear to suddenly?”

Murashima is a blonde guy with chipped teeth and is the leader of the bad group in school and now he was standing in front of my seat.

“A bit… I disappeared a bit far.”

But, the more you look at him the more ridiculous he is.

Blonde hair, gorilla face, macho and chipped teeth.

Since he’s tall he has an intimidating aura on him but compared to the Dragon Coercion skill he’s of no concern.

Why was I afraid of this guy in the past…

But, this guy surprisingly has a lot of moles. Ah, also his nose hair is out.

While enduring his laughter he was hitting my shoulders.

“Well it’s fine, today meet me at behind the old school’s gymnasium.”

“And If I refuse?”

Accepting my words Murashima began to smile.

“Hahaha, this guy is amusing. To refuse… so even this guy can tell jokes! Well, if you don’t come you’re going to get beat up.”

“I understand. I’ll keep you company since there’s nothing to do.”

Well, I have no intention to hang out with them more than necessary, it will only be for today.

And evening arrived.

They violently assaulted me.

Murashima, Uchida and Miyasako.

A trio of blonde hair, brown hair and blue hair and earrings were hitting me as they pleased.

They’ve been taking turns for around 30 minutes, this started because I told “Please stop bullying.” to Murashima.


And then he flew in a rage and used the method of lynching.

And at that time a right punch with all of his strength came flying at the back of my head.

Oioi, these fellows are really idiots. It’s a place that if they’re careless a disability will be left behind…

I was wearily receiving the blows without resisting back.

Rather, can these even be called blows?

It’s blows because they are attacking but their punches that have all of their strength into them are no different than the spring breeze to me… Well, who cares for that?

“Oi, Morishita?”

Murashima grabbed the collar of my school uniform.

What am I to do if a button is removed, you gorilla.

I was glaring at him while slightly annoyed.

“What is it?”

“You also don’t want to hit me more than this, right?”

Rather than them hitting me, I don’t want to spend more time with them.

“Well, yeah.”

“Then I’ll prostrate myself.”

I did a guts pose in my heart.

I thought that assault of 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough of an impact.

I made a bitter expression while laughing on the inside.

And then

“I-I’m sorry!”

I prostrate myself before the trio.

Murashima became even more happy and with his right leg he trampled me who was prostrating.

So far so good, this is a Counted Yakuman. (TN: Basically pieces filling the puzzle or some sort, if you want to know the actual thing:

Next day’s evening

“We’re sorry!”

In the school’s reception room Murashima, Uchida, Miyasoko and their parents were prostrating themselves while the teachers were watching… In total 9 people were prostrating themselves to me.

“Not at all, everyone please raise your heads.”

They all raised their heads at my words.

I could perceive from their loosened expressions that the ray of hope has come inside their hearts.

“Then… will you forgive us?”

I responded to Murashima’s father with just a smile.

“Have you not heard that if things ends with just an apology then there would be no need for policemen.”

I sat on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling while pretending that I am contemplating.

In connection with that, yesterday’s bullying was filmed from beginning to end by a digital camera.

And this situation is because I transferred the video to a USB and sent to their respective parents in a letter.

The letter was accompanied with a profile of lawyer who was going to press charges and submit a damage report to the police.

Basically, I had intent to chase them to the bitter end.

And then this situation…

The effect is extraordinary!

Actually, it would be fine to finish these guys off but I don’t like bullying the weak.

On the other hand, I feel different if it ends with a compromise.

Hence, I decided that this time it will be more convenient for them to be made aware of society’s rules at least once.

“That being said… It seem’s Murashima and the others have repented, I won’t take legal matters so how about we compromise with just their suspension from school?”

Next day.

I was taken while I was walking in the city.

While I was waiting for the traffic lights a High Ace stopped in front of me.

From inside two masked people came out and immediately pinned me down and carried me… inside the car.

The same time I entered the car, eye mask, mask for cold and on top of it tape was being coiled on my eyes.

Well, I’m letting them do it.

The driver is Uchida the one sitting next to me is Miyasoko so the one in the back should be Murashima.

But… I did hear they were connected to a biker gang, but I did not imagine that they were this slow mentally.

“Hehe, Morishita? You finally did it this time. I somehow managed to escape from the worst case which is expulsion… This time try and say jokes like courthouse with policemen… I’ll clearly teach you about pain and fear!”

Oioi, abduction is gravely against the law…

Moreover, saying the worst case is expulsion… This time doing just this will easily send you to a reform school even if it’s done poorly.

Could it be, that this idiot seriously thinks he is in a fantasy land where he can mess with the police?

It has been around 30 minutes since the car has been driven, and then the engine’s car stopped and I was dragged out from it.

“Oi, Morishita? Try and take the mask off.”

As he said I took the packing tape and mask off.

“Am I inside the forest?”

The trio were armed with metal bats and knives then they smiled vulgarly.

“Morishita. You’ve overdone it… From now you are… going to feel pain from the place where the knife will be used. You… let alone being cut by a knife you haven’t even seen one, right? Hehehe, did you know at the place where you’re cut it doesn’t hurt but it stings? Aren’t you glad that you can experience something rare that you can’t in your daily life?”

Actually, you don’t have to teach me because I’ve had my back cut by earth-shattering swords like Berse〇 G〇ts blades. (TN: Author censorship circles.)

And Miyasoko was using the metal bat and was coming to strike the back of my head.

Oioi, I was smiling bitterly.

If it’s a normal human it will leave a mental disorder… it will kill them if it’s done poorly.

Can’t be helped… I steeled myself.

I thought this was going to end peacefully, but there’s no need for holding back to these idiots who’ve went too far.

【Skill:Taijutsu activated】

Once again my skills activated by themselves. Although this wasn’t happening much in the different world.

Does the voice of god have a new design here than the different world one?

Well, anyhow, it’s not like I need support from my skills for them.

I intercepted the metal bat which was coming like a blade’s edge with an uppercut.

*Kakiin* a pleasant sound echoed in the forest like in the summer’s Japanese high school baseball tournaments.

Well, if my fist was the ball then the metal bat has hit my fist squarely in a full swing.

Miyasako let go of the bat because he wasn’t able to support the shock and the bat was launched up high in the sky while whirling.

“You repelled… the bat. That… high?”

The surprised trio looked at the bat rising and falling from the sky from start to end.

And then looking at the fallen bat Murashima’s mouth was opening and closing.

Well, that’s probably expected.

Seeing a metal bat bent in a right angle is an unusual sight that you don’t get to see every day.

“Y, y, you… Morishita!”

“What is it?”

“Now that I remember the day before yesterday you also… Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any damage on you.”

“Practically you’ve done zero damage.”

“Besides… The suspension from school… You’ve an obedient personality so it’s not a method you’ll normally take… You’ve changed from the day since you disappeared. That’s right! Since that time something is strange! Oi, you! That time… what happened? Where did you disappear to!?”

“You’re quite perceptive despite being slow. And where I disappeared that time…”

And I held my words for a brief words then declared to Murashima.

“I was in something like a different world?”