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CH 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Maximum Magic: Thor Hammer!


“This is freaking cool!”

I was moving around by jumping from one building to another.

Moving at an intense speed made the lights on the ground flow like a multi-colored neon.

I was feeling like the SpOOer Hero in the American comics who jumped from one to another skyscraper.

I jumped from building to building in the business district in front of the station, and then from one apartment building to another apartment building, and then with a huge jump from the hospital’s rooftop I jumped over the highway and entered the forest.

A bit from here there’s a mountain road.

There is almost 10 kilos from my house to the mountain road, but… I looked at the watch and smiled wryly.

“10 kilometers in just 3 minutes? Well, I did run swiftly as a bullet train.”

I’ve had some expectations but, as I thought my physical strength is at the same level when I was a hero.

I was moving at a high speed of 200 km/h also there’s no need to say what will happen if I dash seriously and smash into something.

Well, I can easily pass the speed of sound, even if it’s only temporary.

And then I was moving forward while stitching the trees.

I selected a thick trunk of a tree and then kicked it to speed up.

I should be moving near the same speed as earlier so the speed is 200 km/h.


If I kick an oddly thick trunk then it will burst and I won’t be able to move at high speed.

I concentrated and tried to kick a solid trunk as light as I can.

【Skill:Enemy Search has activated】

【Skill:Night vision has activated】

【Skill:Taijutsu has activated】(TN: if you haven’t read Naruto then this is what Taijutsu means

【Skill: Concentrate has activated】

God’s voice doing a smart move and it activated the skills.

I sped up even more when the skills activated.

At the time when I was thinking that I became like a flying squirrel or something, my view was expanded.

It seems I’ve went out from the forest and come to the beach.

I’ve confirmed it by looking at my wristwatch and it has been around 20 minutes.

From my house to the sea the distance is certainly around 100 kilometers, well it should be that much.

「Skill:Enemy Search and Presense search is being used」

There’s nobody at the coast at night. Right now is the start of spring and the time is half past midnight.

Rather somebody being here would be strange, so that’s why I came here.

I walked on the sandy beach for tens of seconds and what I was looking for was in my sight.

It’s a tetrapod of 2 meters height and around 50 tons weight… Basically, it’s a lump of concrete. (TN: It’s this thing:

「Skill:Physical strength enhanced」

As the technique was unfolding magical power flowed in my muscle fibers.

With this my status should’ve nearly doubled.

Well, this technique is needed to master if you’re a close-fighter rather everything else is useless if you don’t have it.

And then with three times my strength I threw a right punch at the tetrapod.


Dogooooooooon such a raging sound echoed in the vicinity.

And then it scattered into countless pebbles in a fan-shaped radius of 400 metres.

I looked at the tetrapod which had its upper part blown off and shrugged my shoulders.

“It was a bit like a concrete shotgun. Okay, Gravity Magic Fly!”

I softly floated in the air and then I began to speed up by controlling my magical power.

I already passed the sound barrier and flew for about 20 minutes at Mach 2.

I stop moving about 400 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean.

I trained my magical power by enhancing my ability to concentrate.

I can understand that my magical power rushes through my body and my heart beat has speeden up.

By training like that I gathered ultra-high pure magical powers in my hands.

This powerful technique is one of the strongest cards that I hold but regrettably it takes a lot of time.

Well, since this time is just practice there aren’t any problems.

And then, if there’s something I can’t handle in that world as a hero then I’ll invoke taboo magic.

“Maximum Magic — God of Thunder’s Flash(Thor Hammer)!”

From my hands I fired a lightning particle cannon at the ocean.

“Haha… Of course it will be like that.”

The water dashed aside and the ocean had a hole of 200 meters radius.

The sea bed was exposed and also it was hollowed out by the lightning cannon.

And then like the Nigarian waterfalls the hole which is in the ocean is going to be quickly closed.

I thought during the splashes of earth and water in various sizes.

It seems… I’ve returned to Japan as a superhuman outside of normality.

On one hand I was glad but on the other hand it has become problematic… Such feelings were also strong.

It’s obvious that I’ll be treated as a monster if this power is seen by others in the modern world.

In the worst case, I might be treated as a demon king from a different world than earth.

Anyhow, if I don’t hide this power I won’t be able to live a casual life.

“I have to try not to stand out with my utmost ability.”

I nodded my head to myself and I’ve set that principle from now on.

Next day.

I was eating my breakfast while looking at the television.

Today’s breakfast is ohitashi of salmon, rice, miso soup and spinach. (TN: , this dish just with custom ingredients.)

As expected, japanese people love rice… is what I thought firmly.

Since the different world was all wheat based diet, the rice diet now has truly penetrated my internal organs.

Rather, my mom’s cooking is superb so that adds influence to the dish too.

At any rate I mustn’t stand out. It won’t even be funny if my family gets into trouble thanks to me.

And at the time I was slurping my miso soup the tv’s news studio became noisy.

And then the newscaster began talking with a strange look.

“It’s an urgent news report. Today in the very early morning, a small-scale earthquake occured in the Pacific Ocean. The epicenter is at sea level… Government officials have expressed that there was no usage of nuclear weapons from a certain country but it’s very likely that it was an experiment of new model bombs with a similar power of nuclear ones. The incident is 400 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean. The officials are looking gravely at the situation—”

I spit out my miso soup with a “Bufoa” sound when I heard that much.