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Chapter Prologue



TL: SilverWold
Editor: Icra
(TL:Phew!!! Honestly I did not think it was hard to look for an editor thanks to Irca he edit this lets hope he continuities to work with me!! Well this is the prologue since only the character intro came out and get ready for June drop!!

“Hahaha ! Seriously, I am really looking forward to it!”

 The time is dusk .

 This is the men’s restroom on the 4th floor of Kasugayama High School former school building .

 Because the old school building is only used for special classes, it is not a problem even if it gets noisy .

 There are four people in the restroom : me, Nakata, Miyasako and Murashima .

 Miyasako is holding a deck brush for cleaning toilets, and Nakata is holding a rubber hose .

 Then Murashima, who was the leader, grinned with a rubber cup in his hand .

 Blonde, brown hair, blue-haired and earrings . Spiky hair and a bad vibe .

“Please stop! What am I supposed to do?”

 My school uniform is soaked with the water from the rubber hose .

 Well, to put it in perspective, I… am being bullied .

“Hey, you have to be beautiful and clean!”

 The deck brush extends to my stomach .

 Toilet cleaning equipment…… and, with a sense of disgust, I avoided the deck brush greatly out of myself .

 Then,Murashima, with the rubber cup in hand walked towards me .

 I get goosebumps on my whole body .

 I mean, a rubber cup is normally used to unclog toilets, right?

 It’s not about being filthy or something like that…… . It’s just physiologically impossible!

 I get teary eyed as I want to throw up .

“It’s still too early to cry . I’m going to have to clean your face now!”

 I am speechless as Murashima approaches me with a vulgar smile . .

“Forgive… Forgive me…”

 I can see myself begging with a miserable face .

 Then Murashima turned and looked at Hatena with a strange smile .

“Even if you asked me to forgive you . What did you do wrong?”


“… What do you mean?”

“Have you done anything wrong to us?”

”No, it’s…“

“That’s right” Murashima nodded .

“You haven’t done anything wrong . That’s why you don’t have to beg for forgiveness . ”

“If that’s the case… Then stop . ”

 Murashima shook his head from side to side seeming upset, saying that wasn’t it .

“That’s impossible because this is the way we kill time . That is why you’re being bullied… Wait, that’s not it . Depending on our mood, you are just a lowly bastard thats looks like a toad with a shitlike existence . ”


 The other two who remained standing there laughed .

”No, Murashima-san! Seriously! I’m sorry!”

”Really, really . This is exactly what insanity is . ”

 So Murashima took a step further towards me with the rubber cup in hand .

”Sorry! I’m really sorry for that!”

 I panicked and escaped to a private cubicle of the restroom and locked the door . This is just horrible and unbearable .

 The laughter of 3 people becomes stronger, along the sound of someone banging on the door .

“What are you doing? You know there is a big gap between the ceiling and the door . Did you think you could get away?”

 The water from the rubber hose pours down from the space between the ceiling and the door, flooding the faucet and the cubicle instantly . While they keep banging on the door more and more strongly now .

”Come out now . It won’t hurt . We’ll just be cleaning your face with a deck brush and a rubber cup!”

 The knocking on the door keeps getting stronger .

”If you do not come out now, It’ll painful later . So can I just clean you up now?”

 And then, Murashima just had enough .

“So you’re not coming out . Hey, Nakata . Climb up and get in through the gap . And drag him out for me . ”

“Good . ”

Then Nakada, who climbed up the cubicle door, exclaimed .

“What’s wrong, Nakata?”

“No, Murashima-san…Um…I mean…”

“What’s the matter with you?”

“He’s gone . ”


“He is not here . Morishita…”

“What a dumb thing to say . ”

 Nakata climbed into the cubicle and unlocked the door from the inside .

”There you are, is he there?”

“Seriously…He’s not here . ”

 Then, where Daiki Morishita was transferred to a different world, 3 people stood there in silence for a while .

 The battle between the World’s Coalition Forces and the Demon army led by the heroe who emerged a from different world lasted 7 days .

 The church’s Knights of the Holy Order joined the Coalition of nations, and the armies of Ogres, Lizardmen, and undead mixed soldiers filled the Demon army, spreading conflict across the land .

 It was only the prelude to all the the spilled blood, dying everything crimson, as the army of the Demon King sent  the big giants and the dragons to the front line .

 The giant’s foot stamp carved hundreds of deep craters into the earth, and the Dragon’s breath burned the large forest to the ground . .

 But the humans were not defeated . Led by the Great Sage, the court magicians took 36 hours to complete a large-scale ritual magic, blowing away a mountain .

 And after 4 days of fighting, both sides were almost completely incapacitated .

 And finally, the moment of the decisive clash between the Hero’s party and the Demon King arrived .

 The lake evaporated due to the magic flames’ heat, and the sea freezed due to the tremendous clash of ice magic . s with the icing .

 The Hero’s sword carved many deep and long gullies on the earth as the battle progressed into an earth-shattering one capable of altering the map .

 For three days and three nights they kept fighting .

 And then…

“But…… Really?”

 I was leaning on the worn-out holy sword and smiled at the Great Magician standing beside me .

“Yeah . I really thought we were a goner . ”

 As I said, everyone is barely standing there with wounds visible all over our bodies . The MP is also completely exhausted, to the point in which it is not even possible to operate the physical strengthening technique .

 Now, you won’t even need ten ogre bodies to kill these three people, acclaimed as the world’s three strongest .

“But we…we defeated him . The Demon King . ”

 Then the Great Magician tapped the shoulder of the kneeling Princess .

”I’m sorry, but I have to ask for recovery magic . ” Her recovery and healin skill are better than mine, right?  After all, my MP recovery rate is slower as my main specialty is attacking . , I guess you could spare a little spell with the recovery speed of the Princess, as she is a priest…

 In response to these words, Princess nodded slightly .

 Then he held his palm towards the Great Magician, but the Great Magician smirked and scoffed .

“Recovery magic, huh, shouldn’t be the hero who battled against the Demon King be first?”

 In response to her words, the Princess approached me with a smile .

“But… Are you really going home?”

 My body is enveloped in a light green light .

 The Princess’ recovery magic… It felt good anytime I received it .

 My heart is healed… Well, actually, it’s the body that is healed .

“Yeah . ”

“No matter what… is it?”

 With watery eyes, she looked straight at my eyes .

“You promised me that I’d go back sincethe time I transferred, right?”

“At least until we restore the ravaged lands… Would you lead the country with me?”

“My job was to defeat the Demon King . Rebuilding is something that the people of this world should do, right?”

“Indeed, it is so . ”

 Then, she laughed .

“But, people are always changing” .

“What? What do you mean?”

“When you came into this world… you were unreliable . I can’t believe we really defeated the Demon King”

 Well, at least I am aware .

 I started to recall my actions .


  It already has been3 years since I came into this world .

 I’ve had a lot of experiences… I definitely changed because of that martial artist brother who was traveling with together with me… Jan died while protecting me .

“Anyway, I’m going home . ”

“How many times have I heard it, but do you really want to go home?”

“Yeah . ”

“Why are you leaving?”

 Looking at her, I say with a sigh . .

“I want to go home and eat my mom’s curry”

 So the Princess and the Great Magician opened their mouths and laughed .  

“Well, why do you want to go home… That’s the way it really is . ”

“But that’s a terrible reason! You? If you stayed in this world, you would have wealth and reputation at your fingertips . To throw it all away…Are you really sure you want to go home?”

 It’s not about this world’s food .

 Well, the life in this world was not bad, but the sense of nostalgia is still really strong after all .

“Sure, after we defeated the Demon King, the dimensional transition Magic’s limit should be lifted, right?”

“Well, if you go now, you will be able to return to where you came from, to the moment you remember . To the place where it all started . Apparently, here, the passage of time is different, I wonder if has been a few years here are only a few hours there”

 Thanks to her magic, my wounds are almost all healed .

 So, with a thumbs up to the Princess and the Great Magician, I tell them . .

“See you, both of you!”

 And it was with a lonely expression…, but a certainly strong smile that the two of them saw me off .

”…Sigh . ”

 I… the Queen of Dime, Eureka-Hartmann, could only kneel on the spot for dozens of minutes with tears flowing endlessly .

“So the Princess is also a fool” .

“…Yeah, Anastasia . I think so too . ”

“Daiki will never come back again . Did you tell him your feelings?”

“… I almost did so many times” .

“What?… So that’s how it is . ”

“… But are you fine with the way it ended?”

“I am . It’s okay . I decided early on to retire from being a Princess . ”

 I wiped my tears and somehow stood up .

“But that person… He stole both of our hearts . ”

 Anastasia makes a rude sign towards the spot where Daiki vanished .

 I’ve said it to her many times to abandon this rude habit, but after all… This is the end of the journey… It seems that this is a lost cause .

 No, I guess I do not want to fix it . .

“Now,” she said, “What would you do if you find your other half in the future?  Because I do not know!”

 I smile wrily and turn towards the place where Anastasia is pointing her middle finger .

 Then I bowed my head deeply .

“Thank you for saving our world . A hero from a different world… My first love… Daiki . And goodbye . ”