Free Light Novel

CH 1

Chapter 1


"Who said that"

"Oh! I forgot that you can not see anything in this way "

"Who's there? Why can not I see anything !? "

"Calm down, I am what you humans call God"

"God? Do not play with me!"

(God) "I'm serious"

"So what am I doing here?"

(God) "Well . . . I feel bad for it, but I ended up killing you, I'm sorry"

"You killed me!? Why?"

(God) " . . . I tried to improve on the current administration of reincarnations and you had a problem in status, I tried to correct this and well you died"

"What was the problem with my status?"

(God) "Look for yourself"

A screen appears .


Age: XX


FOR: 10

VIT: 10

AGI: 10

INT: 10

SAB: 10


SOR: 0

"What's the problem?"

He asked the person not understanding the problem of his status .

(God) "Even the most unlucky person in the world does not have 0 in the lucky attribute"

"Did you try to fix that?"

(God) "Yes, I felt guilty for the things you suffered because of this"

" . . . Well what is done can not be changed"

(God) "I'm really sorry"

"I accept your apologies, but now, what do I do?"

(God) "You have two options, the first is to go to heaven and live comfortably for eternity and the second is to reincarnate in another world of your choice"

"I will choose to reincarnate"

(God) "Alright, you can start from scratch or create a body for your soul to inhabit"

"What's the difference?"

(God) "If you start from scratch you will have to go through all phases of life, baby, child, adult . If you choose to create a body you can create a body that you want with the age of your choice "

"Am I going to gain some OP power if I choose at first?"

(God) "Yes and it will be your choice after all as an adult to go through all this again is humiliating, but if you choose to create your body the power that I will give is the Solo Leveling manga system, however I will upgrade it to the store you can buy the same things as in a system of Cultivation and Anime "

"Creating my body seems more attractive, having to start from scratch would be very annoying and time-consuming"

(God) "Okay, feel free to create your body, just tell me or imagine"

"I want to be tall, 1 . 85 m is good, silver hair, blue eyes, clear and silky skin, I want it to seduce many women, I want to be muscular, but not a gym monster, at age 18"

(God) "Ok, what do you want for your clothes and remember that they will be an object with auto repair"

"I want the Fate anime archer's clothes"

(God) "To the black clothes with a white cloak or to the black clothes with a red cloak?"


(God) "Okay, look ready"

After the speech of God a figure appears in the mind of the person, looked very much with Hitsugaya Toshiro of the anime Bleach and was in the clothes of Archer of the anime Fate, he is satisfied with his new look and thanks .

(God) "No need to thank, now which world do you want to reincarnate?"

"Can it be any world?"

(God) "Yes, but I recommend choosing one that has magic or something like that, you will spend enough time in this world until you are strong enough to go to another"

"Am I going to be able to go to other worlds?"

(God) "Yes, but you're going to have to have at least half my strength, so like I said it's going to take a while"

"How long would it take normally"

(God) "Something about 4 billion years"

"How am I going to live all this ???"

(God) "You will be immortal and not to be solitary to all women who are yours will receive this immortality and return to the age of 18, of course if they became more beautiful after that age is that look they will keep, the same to their strength "

"Basically, I will have women at the age of 18, but they will be at the height of their beauty and strength"

(God) "Yes"

"Is there any world that I can strengthen myself fast?"

(God) "There is, but they are dangerous"

"Which are they?"

(God) "Among the least dangerous there are 2 worlds, Naruto and DXD High School"

"They both have women to conquer, but if I do not get the ones in the Naruto world first, it's going to be more difficult then . . . make me incarnate in Naruto"

(God) "Right, but in what timeline?"

"I can choose?"

(God) "If you want to make Kushina your wife you can, then what do you think?"

"I can!"

(God) "Then"

"Incarnate me at the time that Kushina arrives in the village"

(God) "Are you going after her? What a pedophile, she's only 8! "

" . . . "

(God) "I will not judge, it becomes a beauty when it matures"

" . . . "

(God) "Well . . . do you want to show up where?"

"Near the Village of the Leaf"

(God) "Ok . . . I'll give you a helping hand and give you a lineage"


(God) "To the lineage of the Emperor of Ice"

"This looks like OP"

(God) "kkkkk you'll find out, well . . . It was good to talk to you, goodbye"


As soon as they said goodbye to the person who would reincarnate faints and a phenomenon that would be noticed by all the towns happens to 50 km of the Hidden Village of the Leaf .

(God) "He's gone, I forgot to give him money . . . I think I'm going to give an ability as compensation . . . maybe to the kitchen of Saiba Joichiro be the ideal . . . let's go with that"

=========================== Author's Note ==================== =======

I must confess that at the time of creating the appearance of the character I was inspired by Hitsugaya, but later when I went to choose the clothes he would wear I realized that the archer also have silver hair kkkkkkk an incredible coincidence .

The story will be that way, I'm not very good at writing, let alone show the location, the appearance of the characters and describe fights, it will be very crude . I'm sorry about that . As you have noticed there will also be changes from first to third person in the narration .

I'll probably write a few chapters before posting, so do not get mad if I do not follow your requests and remember that it will be a harem, as for the intimate scenes I still do not know if I'll write .

One more thing that is important, I am Brazilian or my native language is Portuguese, consequently what will translate into English will be the google translator, probably will get an even bigger shit, but do what, it will have to be like this . Sorry for that, too .

Probable Wifus of the world Naruto:

Tsunade Senju

Mei Terumi

Ino Yamanaka

Hinata Hyuuga

Hanabi Hyuuga

Anko Mitarashi

Kurenai Yuhi

Kushina Uzumaki

Mikoto Uchiha

Samui (I do not know the last name)

===================== End Note ===================== ======